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Smok Wawelski

A procesional dragon... Appears whit the fog to devour the mindless travelers.
A draw for Myths & legends TCG
Photoshop CS
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Nigdy nie sądziłam że Smok Wawelski może być aż taki straszny.
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Very nice art. Colors make amazing atmosphere. Just imagine what it must feel to suddenly see a giant beast sweeping through the fog, it's red eyes fixed on you with nothing but hunger, ready to tear you apart in one swift motion. Great job!

For everyone wandering about from where did the title come from (other than "smok" meaning "dragon" in polish):
Smok Wawelski - Dragon from Wawel
There is a polish legend about a dragon that made it's lair under a castle of Wawel and started to terrorize the city. King offered his daughter and half of his kingdom to anyone that would slay the beast, but knight after knight failed. Than a crafty shoemaker got an idea and made a stuffed sheep full of tar and sulfur. Dragon's hunger was enormus, so it devoured it on the spot, but fire in dragon's stomach started to burn it from the inside because of sheep's stuffing. Dragon, trying to ease the pain, started to drink from the Wisła river right next to it's cave. It drunk and drunk, untill the river was dry, and dragon exploded from the amount of water. King, impressed with shoemaker's cleverness, kept his promise and soon shoemaker married the princess and ruled over half of the kingdom.
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This is awesome! I'm prepping for a story I'm writing based on Slavic lore and Smok plays a huge role in the thing. 
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So, that Dragon is ,,Smok Wawelski''?
He's cool now huh?  
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this is really good! can you please check out my stuff>!?!?!
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wow hes awesome!!! and he isnt eating a draco burger!!! lol
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A polish Dragon awsome!
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In Poland smok means dragon
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That is incredible!
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yes, eat them!!!
"Dragon"- in polish language --> "Smok" ;)
Thx from everyone polish fans ;*
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Smok? "Smok" mean a dragon in polish (language in Poland)... interesting...
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Fast food! I mean fast snack!
cukierkowalila's avatar
Smok - this is in Polish ^^ ;D
gorgeous picture <33!
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For all those who keep asking about the meaning of title:
I can't say how intentional it is, but smok means dragon in Polish.
and then suddenly that man pulls a FALCON PAUNCH AND DEFEATS TEH EBUL DRAGUNZZZzzz... or he just gets eaten. -_-
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holy shit, how many times will they write what means smok.. XD one time is ok, but not 439240392432. or somethin' like that.
it has to be annoying.

ANYWAYS nice pic C: like others from ur gallery, u have really nice style of shading.
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cooooool drago^^
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Is Smok name of dragon? You know but in my language smok means dragon really.
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yea, hes screwed
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really like this one
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