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Smash Bros - Bubsy

Hi guys! this is an old image I did in livestream time ago. I dont know if you remember Bubsy, was a very old 16 bit mascot (almost every game company had one back then). He was a bobcat with attitude, a very 90´s kind of character. What happens if Bubsy goes to smash bros? "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?"

eh, I hope you like it.
PSCS4/wacom bamboo/5 hours

You can share my stuff! Thanks :)

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This is very funny...but also illustrated super well! The splattered blood, in perspective of the floor, makes this look extra 3 dimensional. That's also the coolest Sonic illustration I've ever seen! Great work!

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Bubsy: Okay! Okay! I give up. You win, fellas.

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why is this so funny to me?

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"Guess what suckers? This is all over the internet... now if you don't wanna get sued, how about that smash invite?"

Oh it would be a waste to let a character as low on the totem pole as Bubsy be in Smash... but that wouldn't stop him and his utterly self-deluded ego. (Seriously, the humor in his newest games centers around how he's a little fish in a big pond and doesn't even realize it.)

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Mario & Sonic beating up Bubsy

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"What could possibly go wrong?"

Better question would be "what could possibly go right?"

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Yeah, that's probably why he wasn't in Smash Bros
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W H A T C O U L D P O S S I B L Y G O W R O N G ?

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Sonic and Mario FINALLY agree on something!
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Gets in between Sonic and Mario, and if anyone else touches him again, will have to answer to me.

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"You fools. You mere corporate mascots. Do you think death can hold me? I am the God of Irony; the death that you fear is my very life force. The hatred and apathy that you run yourselves ragged to avoid is what gives me form. My meme potential is omni-dimensional, and I shall build my empire on the ashes of your franchises. However. Long. It. Takes."

Thanos Finger Snap BUBSY INTENSIFIES Lightsaber Gif 
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i wont be surprised to find this on bootleg merchandise
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Bubsy never get any credit. Feel sorry for that cat but i love the art.

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What could possibly go wrong?

...EVERYTHING...for you. =D
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You too better off dead bubzy
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A very accurate high quality image showcasing why Bubsy was never heard from again. Say what you will about modern Sonic,but at least he has many quality video games under his belt and at one time deserves to be Mario's rival.  Bubsy has not been in any remotely decent video games.
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You want smash?!, i'll show you fuckin smash you worst bubsy fandom shit!
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