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Hi there guys!, here goes another pic I done (along with a tutorial) for the book d'artiste: Character Design, for Ballistic Publishing. This time here goes a nordic myth, one of the Valkyries. This was done in a livestream long time ago, maybe you where there...Hope you like it! :)

Bamboo/PSCS3/8hours or so/Music:Respect the Wind - Eddie & Alex Van Halen


Skeggiold, Skeggold, Skeggöld or Skeggjöld, is one of the less known Valkyries, the female warriors and psychopomp who guide the souls of the people died in battle to the afterlife, to odin´s sacred hall, The Valhalla. Her name means "axe age" or "big Axe", because of that, its supposed she was somekind of axe or halberd master, a specialist on this kind of weapon, the word is also used to describe the time of war before the ragnarök. She is mentioned in some poetic eddas, like the Grimnismal or the Nafnabulur, along with others Valkyries like Hrund, Geirdriful, Randgríðr and Þrúðr, as soldiers at Odin´s service.

Wanna to know more about this book? check this link:
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Incredible work! That wolf is intense, lol! Great job!