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Shanoa - Castlevania Order of Ecclesia

Hi Guys! In the mood of Halloween, heres goes a commission done time ago for :iconwoodstone12: about Shanoa from Order of Ecclesia with all her transformations. I hope you like it :)

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It's nice to see her werecat and vampire forms being illustrated.

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Full Glory and Elegance. I'm currently running a succubus playthrough. and I'm so happy and motivated to see this dedication to her succubus and all other forms  
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I love the look of this. Nice work
Shanoa might be one of the stronger Castlevania MC's (probably only being surpassed by Soma Cruz...for obvious reasons) simply due to the amount of versatility she possesses.

Her Glyphs give her a weapon or spell for almost any situation. Thats pretty useful.
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Very Good. 
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Great game. Great forms.
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I loved that game! And what an awesome tribute to a lovely heroine! :heart:
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Amazing! Shanoa's such a badass.
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What's even more amazing about this is including her transformations; sexy werecat costume included!
totally befits your blend of the awesome and the sexy!
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Wow. Probably the most impressive drawing of Shanoa I’ve seen.
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Love it! Dynamic poses, awesome setting, and wonderful colors! 
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se me habia olvidad o que existia, gracias por recordarmela :P.
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The robot's a great touch too.
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I'm screaming, you drew my favourite Castlevania protagonist!!!! THANK YOU
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Umm..... her bat form (left) seems to be oddly-positioned; Her right foot suggests that she's in the foreground, but her bat wings suggest otherwise, which kinda messes things up.

Still a good work, as per your quality, and love to see Shanoa again after so, so, soo long :)
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i freaking love shanoas transformations!!!
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Another totally awesome work done by yours truly! You never fail to impress. :)
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Beautiful and badass as always! ;)
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This well-deserved tribute to Order of Ecclesia arrived at the perfect time! Your grasp on strong composition, dramatic lighting and simple yet vibrant colours remains as tight as ever! I was quite surprised to see Shanoa's alternative forms drawn in detail as well!
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Cool stuff as always.  And actually rewatching the series, your works remind me a lot of Chaotic.  Ever heard of it by chance?  
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