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Saber - Who Dares Wins

A image done for :iconzander-d:... Saber from Fate/Stay Night, along with :iconzander-d:´s OC chara in SAS uniform :)
I hope you like it!
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They look like Cloud and Zero Suit Samus.
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Ha HAAA!!! You put the little S.A.S motto in there... dat meks me happy😋👍
GothicFear836's avatar
Am I the only one who first heard this saying in Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty?
SeanMaguire1991's avatar
For Queen and Country :D
guny666's avatar
That a SAS saying
HawkfireofTC's avatar
I haven't even seen Fate/Stay Night and I absolutely love this!! You're really good!
frankpatriot's avatar
Rule Britannia! I love this G36, nice weapon work.
bunalz's avatar
I'm feeling the Attack of Titan's vibe. Wink/Razz 
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This remind me of Saints Row.
firefly00's avatar
This actually works; the only thing I would have done differently is have both of them in SAS battledress.
Great Britain, Great Britain... but weapon from Germany (H&K G36-K)
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Well, if I remember correctly, the SAS weapon of choice is the H&K MP5 sub-machine gun. Though they are seen using H&K 416 and M4 Carbines. 
tgcodfather's avatar
They actually use a cheaper Canadian version of the m16
German rifle is obviously better than british L85
Yun-Yun-Hakusho's avatar
For a sec there, I thought it was England (from Hetalia) along with Saber O,o

Nice work <3
NBVega's avatar
God save the Queen! :D
RondineYamamoto's avatar
i love saber... <3
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Hang on, isn't 'Who dares, Wins." the motto of the Australian SASR?
NBVega's avatar
It's the motto of the SAS. The Australian group sounds like an offshoot of the original SAS.
Haupmann's avatar
Well yeah...they are. Also thanks for the info.
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Yes, I like it. It's very impressive
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