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A roc or rukh (from Persian رخ rokh) is an enormous legendary bird of prey, of persian myths (like other big fantastic birds, like simurgh or homa) reputed to have been able to carry off and eat elephants. he appears in some arabian stories, like Simbad.

sailor: look! a big bird!!!
roc: KHRAAK!!!
sailor: YIPE!!

Kentucky fried chicken Roc-size= eternal JOY!!

photoshopCS/wacom intuos/6hours/music: Abraxas-Therion


en español

el Roc o Rukh es una gigantesca ave de caza perteneciente a la mitologia persa, como otros gigantesgos seres de origen fantastico, como el Simurgh o el Homa.

El Roc tiene la fama de poder levantar elefantes, aparece en el cuento del viaje de Simbad de las mil y una noches.:)
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Amazingly done love the artwork. Really gives a vibe about how powerfull amd terrifying  this beast is
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Vast are the terrors of the tides
But so are those of the sky
Once spotted, there's nowhere to hide
Nor can your ear endure their shrill cry
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do you happen to have a thunderbird image genzoman?
My favorite mythical creature/animal of all. I would've imagined a giant turkey vulture or a bearded vulture about twice the size, but you still did a very great job. Finally, someone understands how great Rocs are.
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Mentalmente siempre visualizaba al Roc mas como un condor, no se por que.
Aca parece un aguila, o un halcon. Igual queda muy bien asi tambien, si hay que ser honestos.
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...pretty bird.

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Great work!
(Cracked led me here.)
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thats fucking awesome
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Indeed the artist really put effort into it and it shows.
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This is AWESOME!
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Cracked sent me here, I like this picture- very fierce creature.
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Indeed its something you really dont whant to cross. 
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Dios te alabe, he estado buscando arte de estas aves desde...hace mucho xD ya que aparecen en el age of mithology pero casi nadie tiene informacion de ellas o siquiera iamgenes :3 estoy muy feliz de que un grande como vos las dibujara
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((I love the legends of the Roc~! I really love this picture. I hope you don't mind if I use it as my background~ :D))
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I love this and and proud to say this is what im using for my animal companion on pathfinder. Thanks for bring my imagination to visualization
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Wow! This Rocs!


That aside, this is a bird that you don't wanna mess with.
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sweet !

may I use paintings for my blog?
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