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Release the Kraken

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Hi there guys! this is the page 4-5 of the Clash of the titans comic prequel I done along :iconzubby: (writer) and :iconmattmoylan: (lettering) for :iconudoncrew: and Warner brothers/Legendary Pictures. Was a very fun project and I had a very good time working on this! I loved the new design for the kraken, so was cool draw him destroying everything XD

you can donwload the whole comic for your IPhone/ Ipad right here for free!
hey! hope you like it!


PSCS3/bamboo/9 hours/Music: Release The Kraken - Clash of the Titans OST
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You know I've seen both versions of Clash of the Titans, the line "Release the Kraken" both times are not as dramatic or loud as one might we think. Which I suppose can be for good and bad. Like Zeus really doesn't want to but he has to because plot.

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i really like this drawing

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Zeus: Release the Kraken !!!!!!
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ladyblackbird13Hobbyist General Artist
The gods didn't give him his cookies.
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bloodhaze101Student Artist
Lthe atomic bomb of the sea
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Iron1FoxHobbyist General Artist
That thing is PISSED OF!
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good work!
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AaronSimsCreativeProfessional Filmographer
LOVING THIS!!! Truly epic fan art... We would love to see you enter this creation in our #ASCfanart challenge featuring, you guessed it, the 'Kraken'! Contest is running now through 12/7 so act fast for a chance to win some groovy original signed concept art and a one-on-one chat with Aaron Sims himself. You can find more info on our Facebook Event and Instagram pages (AaronSimsCreative). Cheers!
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Kraken: I NEED LOVE!!!! XD
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Random battle! GO!! Godzilla VS The Kraken! WHO! WOULD! WIN!!!
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Actually, the real myth is Ceteus, but I guess "Release the kraken!" sounds better then "Release Ceteus!".
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Part of me wants you to do the original Harryhausen version.
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RichiewolfStudent Traditional Artist
Best monster ever
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Awesome and scary wwork
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Hello Beasty :D This is awesome.
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AzakiShimoHobbyist Artist
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SaiyanOverlordStudent Traditional Artist
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The Kraken killed all the Titans. That makes him Eren Yeager's hero.:D (Big Grin) 
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TheBlackHawk64Hobbyist General Artist
Nice XD
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The remake was worse than the original film, but the kraken is still very cool.
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unleash the kraken
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FictioncreatorartistHobbyist General Artist
:wow: WOW!!!
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I love the armor work on this! = )
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THIS KRAKEN IS AWESOME! He would have been even better if he got more than five minutes of face-time during the movie.
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