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Redux Dark Matters

Hi there guys! There goes a promotional art done time ago for Redux: Dark Matters game for Dreamcast and IOS by ReduxGame. Hope you like it! There is a second version of this image (a bikini version)maybe it will be published on their website soon :)

If you want to support it, go to the kickstarter project site :)

PSCS3/bamboo/8hours/music: Moby - The Low Hum
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So basically the Dreamcast is immortal?
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i like the colors, tle lights, the shadows, the situation, the character, the smile, the body's position, ..
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I'm liking that woman's body, pose, face, eyes and expression; she reminds me of Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion too. :-)

Nice work with this well executed promo art GENZOMAN! ;-)
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b-full costume.
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Do you think you could get Konami to let you somehow put stuff like this on more yugioh cards? I would pay more that is for sure!
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I love Asuka! Eva 3.0 looks weird though
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this is a very nice fan art of Asuka Langley from NGE. I love it!
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Se parece demasiado a Asuka de Evangelion 2.0
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Lol I love Genzo. Does he ever draw clothing that isn't skin-tight or require being sewn into? xD
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I love how your use the colors in your art!
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Love it! The colors are great! :)
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Very awesome!
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I agree that she bears a strong resemblance to Asuka from Evangelion...if Asuka survived to become a fully grown woman rather than a young teenager. ;)
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So much color! It's like everything's bright, but I can see everything clearly as well. Good color choice, I guess.
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Creo que antes te lo habian dicho, peroe sa pose de la mano derecha esta muy quebrada no? yo trate de hacer esa pose con mi mano y nunca llegue a ese angulo...
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Great work. I really enjoy the highlight work and the detail. Nice use of color. Your usual bright and vibrant color preference is always a plus in my book.
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