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Quick Tutorial 1: Basic render

A quick tutorial done in 5 minutes for a friend (5 on the draw paint, 5 on the the writing :p)/ Music: Black coffee - Cowboy bebop OST


Just 4 steps, to render in B&W using just 1 layer. I hope this could be of a little help :)

I gonna shot some more basic tutorials in the future, in few quick steps. :)

download for big size tutorial :)

Version en español

1.-Sktech Rapido
2.-Añadir luces, el color blanco no esta admitido en esta parte del proceso
3.- añadir texturas, puedes hacerlo con brushes o con una textura en un layer con modo overlay o multiply. Unificar y suavizar los brochazos
4.-Seleccionar el area y añadir sombras con el airbrush, despues añadir fuentes de luces y voila :), darle un ligero bump con dodge a las areas iluminadas.
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You have compiled an impressive and high quality body of work. Well done.
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It can actually use this a lot..thank you a lot! It really helps me!
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I like the shadows, but those highlights are way too harsh.  They need to be a lot softer. 
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Im so scared textures >-< I have the feeling I'd mess up really bad...
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Just try it out! Try using a texture brush in photoshop. ^^
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Mh I don't have much experience with ps ;(
I mostly use paint tool Sai
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Ah, I switch between both. I make the lineart and all the clean coloring on SAI. Then do the texture stuff on photoshop, along with color correction, blur and stuff.
Photoshop isn't too hard. And it can help you with stuff that SAI can't do.


Glad you agree, Crazy san ^^ 
The water tool in SAI is  my favorite tool <33
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Ok :> Ill keep that in mind.
You dont have a tutorial do you?
I know right >w<
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Ah, I haven't put any tutorials up yet.
I guess I will soon ^^


Yeah, I am :iconbangkillplz:
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Hahaha xD alright
Let me see when you got one
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Sure thing! ^^
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Estos consejos me vienen de pu** madre, quiero mejorar el coloreado y no se como, a ver si fijándome en tus consejos aprendo jejeje muchas gracias por compartir tus conocimientos ^^
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:pc: Handy tips to know, thanks Genzoman!! :highfive:
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Wonderful! I never thought of this process. Thanks for sharing with everyone. :)
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where do you download your texture brushes?
You make it look so simple! Awesome!

I hope I will be able to just draw an arm like you did! :D (Big Grin)
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Very helpful tutorial. Thanks for sharing.
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can this be used with backgrounds too? say, a brick wall?
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I was inspired by your work and style
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How do you bump???
anyone ??
please anyone reply
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:( maldita tableta genius no me deja usar bn potoshop x.x
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