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Quetzalcoatl T



Hi guys!
This is a diferent take/version of my old quetzalcoatl pics, maybe a mixture of both_


Hope you like it:)
oh! Dont forget! Download for a bigger version!

bamboo/PSCS/8hours or so/music: Quetzalcoatl - therion


YAY! I saw them a weeks ago on a concert and they perfomermed this song!!!


"One day in Maya Calendar
the Winter Solstice is open
like a gate to the Plumed Serpent
for the maya and the toltec he return

El Sol volverá, en la costa vimos
su luz, Quetzalcóatl, oh señor del sol

Ride on Quetzalcóatl and you will reach another day
when Capricorn will change the world
enter into 2012
ancient forecast of the Maya will be true"
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