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I was in the temple of quetzalcoatl a days ago, the song of therion whit the same name come to my head XD

was pretty epic be there.

another pic for Myths & Legends TCG

photoshop _CS/wacom graphire

by the way, a
link to therion´s song: Quetzalcoatl

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Definitely the most bad ass Quetzalcoatl art...EVER!

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I really love this piece. Having Chichen Itza in the background shows how much you respect the culture where the feathered serpent was worshiped in. Keep doing the awesome work you're doing man! I always enjoy seeing your new works of art.
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Can I ride it? :D Epic piece.
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WOAH this is badass!! so beautiful and elegant, the details are stunning!!
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Hey, That is the image that TvTropes has on their Aztec Mythology page!

Nice drawning. :)
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This is featured on TV Tropes! Cool, right?
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This is my new facorite dragon...a Giant Flying Serpent of death....what can be any more awesome then that XD
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ah yes, the white Tezcatlipoca of the west
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This looks fantastic!
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he kinda looks like a cyborg. kool!
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One of my favorite versions of quetzalcoatl!
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¡¡¡Super detallado!!! Cada parte de la ilustraciòn.....
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This is probably going to come off as a really silly question, but where do you learn to make stuff like this?
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¡¡¡Fantástico!!! :D
Genzoman un grande....hey habrá una versión de esta ilustración en mayor resolució no es mucho pedir?? soy un gran fan tuyo y admiro mucho tu gustaría imprimirlo en grande....y la resolución de esta imagen no me lo permite :( :( :(
This right here is a phenomenal piece of art. It has such a powerful presence this godly entity. A being worthy of being feared and worshipped.
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La serpiente emplumada, Quetzalcoatl :) Well done 
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he looks like he'd fit in a Final Fantasy or Persona game
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Me recuerda a Shenglong xD, dibujas la raja genzo wn xD, saludos de Temuco
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