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Pokemon - Misty

Hi there! There goes a Togepi image I did time ago for The Official Chilean Pokédex: Johto. In the begining the idea was to do a pic of Lugia, but my 7 YO kid is a big fan of the old TV show, and asked me if I can draw Togepi... The thing is he later he asked me: "if you draw togepi alone, he will be very sad, why dont you add Misty?"... and so I added misty. Then, told me: "well, if Togepi and Misty are together, maybe Psyduck could be there too"... and I added Pysduck. Later he saw the draw: "that is not fair!, you did Togepi, Misty and Psyduck togerther! no love for Staryu?"....and Staryu was added.
Listen to the kids is always a good idea :P

PSCS4/Wacom Bamboo/6 Hours.
There is also a Charizard and a May image I did time ago.
Charizard by GENZOMAN Pokemon - May by GENZOMAN


You can share my stuff! Thanks :)
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This is extremely beautiful.

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Psyduck is drowning! Save him! Wait he's supposed to know how to swim right? lol

MeetMeByTheSea's avatar
love the manic look on her face
psyduck knows who it's owner loves!
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You wrote "Pysduck" instead of "Psyduck", because you wrote by accident. Can you fix it?
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Loved your art! :love: Reenacted it here:
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Misty Nee-chan!! 💕💕💕💋💋
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Looks fun and the details are great all around.
Luna6294's avatar
Togepi looks so happy! But I doubt it can swim...Misty better catch it before it falls in the water! And poor Psyduck xD
Antsstyle's avatar
LOL! That is the happiest looking Togepi I've ever seen, amazing work Genzoman :D
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Great work on Togepi, the shading is brilliant.  I enjoy the way you colored in the water and clouds, they add a little touch of adrenaline.
And Misty brings memories back too.
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Best interpretation of Misty ever!!! Thanks
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This is so good! It's so colourful!
LillianCloudwing's avatar
Love how you can see the movement and bright action
GhostOfTheEmptyGrave's avatar
That Psyduck was the funniest Pokemon in the anime :D
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El Misty con sus Gyarados sería épica
Great artwork!!!

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Wow, how cool. \(*0*)/
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