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Pokemon - Misty



Hi there! There goes a Togepi image I did time ago for The Official Chilean Pokédex: Johto. In the begining the idea was to do a pic of Lugia, but my 7 YO kid is a big fan of the old TV show, and asked me if I can draw Togepi... The thing is he later he asked me: "if you draw togepi alone, he will be very sad, why dont you add Misty?"... and so I added misty. Then, told me: "well, if Togepi and Misty are together, maybe Psyduck could be there too"... and I added Pysduck. Later he saw the draw: "that is not fair!, you did Togepi, Misty and Psyduck togerther! no love for Staryu?"....and Staryu was added.
Listen to the kids is always a good idea :P

PSCS4/Wacom Bamboo/6 Hours.
There is also a Charizard and a May image I did time ago.
Charizard by GENZOMAN Pokemon - May by GENZOMAN


You can share my stuff! Thanks :)
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