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Pokegirls vol 17

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More pokegirls drawn when I was on travel and away from my computer. All from pokemon sun & moon
I hope you like it :)

Anabel / Hapu / Team Skull Grunt / Aether Employee
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SpiceCreamHobbyist Traditional Artist
Please do Jupiter and Mars sometime if you haven't <3
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yasss, keep on breaking the patriachy, ignore those males, they don't deserve ur art, i love the empowerment of women displayed on these photos
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Wow Anabel you've sure changed.
AKELEUCTIORProfessional Writer
guh.....,which one is the 11 year old IU guh........*drools*
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edwinsantander59Hobbyist Digital Artist
maaaaan!!! damn!! can i use these images to make cards? i will give you credits, hope you accept :)
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Dash-SpeedHobbyist Artist
Can't stop loving Anabel with her new design from Sun/Moon
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And now, my favorite Kahuna. (who else saw her and thought "She's going to turn out to be a Kahuna"?) Too bad she came at the point where even the game seemed to want to get the Island Challenge out of the way to get back to the plot at hand; taking things out of order and even going so far to give us essentially an early "Victory Road".
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saber360Hobbyist General Artist
Cool :)
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JohnnyFive81Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love the pic, especially Anabel!
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These look amazing! I love how Hapu and the Team Skull grunt look in your style.
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cool que gran dibujo de las chicas pokemon volumen 17 me encanta todas son lindas y sexy te felicito mucho genzoman es un gran trabajo:D:)
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Adam-Clowery Digital Artist
Very nice! :)
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Pero es todo tradicional o solo el lineart? Por lo de mixted media supongo que es lo segundo.
Por cierto, mándate algún pokemonazo HD como el mechapikachu que hiciste la otra vez pliiiiis
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es tradicional, pero con colores corregidos/recolorizados via computador.
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theEyZmasterProfessional General Artist
Waifu material right there! XD
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(From Far Left to Far Right)
1st Girl: Looks professional, yet quite emotional.
2nd Girl: looks quite off-the-wall.
3rd girl: looks both sexy and bitchy.
4th girl: looks cutesy and naughty~
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Genzo said about The third one filthy pokelumpen. That means, mmm... Quite a bitch we can say. Jajajaja
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Jorge-Lucas-DrawHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is not traditional art!
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