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Playing whit the Devil

K, bernard fokke was a captain of a ship, he do a deal whit the devil... he could do any travel in a short time, and his ship will "fly" over the waves at full speed. in a storm, the ship was seriously damaged, he blamed aganist god and an angel descent from the heavens for give a anouncement: bernard fokke for his blasphemy, will be out of the creation, and will wander untill the jugdment day.

every night, he plays dice whit the devil, his soul is the price, but he never, fliying dutchmen WTF XD

a draw for myths & Legends TCG...

photsohop CS/pen tablet/4 hours
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Call THE DOOM SLAYER. I don’t care if he’s on vacation at the town Isabel lives in, just tell him that THE MOTHERF**KING’ ICON OF SIN IS BACK!