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Pirates vs ninjas

a old pic done for a packing...XD, well, ninjas +samurais+ some priest... i like both and i cant decide for a side. i like pirates and ninjas XD (but maybe a little more the pirates XD lol)

there r some charachers of myths & legends TCG. old stuff, arround 6 or more months ago.

5 hours/photoshop CS/ graphire 3/ music... cant remember, lol
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I prefer the Samurai vs Ninja rivalry. By the way great artwork you have here.

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Why this comparison. They don't have something to compare. Ninja of course.
What a joke. -_-
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ARR the ninjas gonna die...HEHEHE!:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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Man, I can't decide even more now. *whistles* Both sides have got some serious man-power in this one.
I don't know. Both sides cheat to win.
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Wait, why does the pirate on the left have dark legs? Or are they SUPER TANNED? It looks almost as if the legs and upper torso mismatch.
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Heh heh heh heh.
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the guy on top right is a shaolin monk.... but still awesome pic XD
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buuuuut.... ninja's were known to take on disguises of anything to blend in so i stand myself corrected ;P
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The style totally reminds me of some of the cover art for Udon's Darkstalkers! This is so cool!
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<font><font>buena diseño</font></font>
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Someone should make a movie of this concept...
Well this isn't right... it should be pirates vs ninjas vs zombies vs dinosaurs vs abe lincoln (go to tv tropes to get the joke)
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While ninjas are indeed awesome, the pirates will be victorious because they have the Flying Spaghetti Monster on their side<br / />
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Pirates are my favorite. But I definitely like Ninjas too. It's like, why do we have to choose a side?
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nice pic. Though must say i always found it funny they pitch pirates and ninjas as enemies. they not too disimular. be nice to see em team up.
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Both sides are awesome, but I gotta side with pirates. I notice each one has a "counterpart" on the opposing side, was that intentional?
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The samurai is like Mitsurugi. And the pirate, cervantes :P
Good work ;)
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pirates (goo) Awesome
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