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Pathfinder - City of Secrets 3

Hi there guys! This is the third cover art I did the last year of Pathfinder: City of Secrets series for Dynamite. The series was write by the great :iconzubby: and interior art by Leandro Oliveira. It was a great experience since I´m a fan of Pathfinder RPG :)
I hope you like it

More cover I did for Pathfinder
COVER 1 & 2
Pathfinder - City of Secrets 1 - 2 by GENZOMAN

Pathfinder - City of Secrets 4 by GENZOMAN


You can share my stuff! Thanks :)



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I'm guessing her Dex saving throw was a one cause she is about to die in like .1 seconds. That knife is to close to dodge at this point.
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I just want to see a video, on this because I sit here and go how!? It just amazes me! 
This is definitely Garen and Katerina from Leageoflegends
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Very cool work!  :)
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Amazing!! Did you do alot of lineart with it before coloring and/or removing it?
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Nice scene, amazing colors as usual! :D (Big Grin) 
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The man reminds me of a younger Wolverine, while the woman reminds me a little of Mara Jade (a Star Wars character).  Nice pic, though.  Very good expressions on both of them.
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Damn, that's amazing! :D
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Nice work! One of my favorite RPG characters I've ever played is a badass redheaded swordswoman, so I enjoy seeing well-done examples of that type.
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It's don't even care what they're supposed to be holding, or at what angle. 
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