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Pathfinder - City of Secrets 1 - 2

Hi there guys! I was lucky to do one of the cover for Dynamite and Paizo upcoming comic book based on Pathfinder: City of Secrets written by the great :iconzubby: with interior art by Leandro Oliveira. This was a very fun project to work since I like Paizo RPG and of course the whole universe they built around Pathfinder. On the image you can find some of the main charas, like Ezren, Valeros and of course (my favorite to draw) Seoni :D

Dynamite´s comic series Pathfinder - City of Secrets. The first issue releases in local comic stores and digitally May 2014. you can pre-order the comics through their local comic store :)

you can find out more info about Pathfindere, characters and universe, right here! :)

PSCS4/bamboo/music: Thomas Bergersen - Aura…


I added also cover 2, since both was part of the same image :)
Here is Cover 4
Patfinder - City of Secrets 4 by GENZOMAN
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that is some great work ok ... i will love to this for you :)
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Okay, you just ROCK!  Also great job!
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All right! Good work!
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Amazing action scene,with superb artwork and stunning coloring!  :winner:
I would love to see you do the Pathfinder gods.
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just epic work !


Tumblr blog

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This is a wonderful piece of art for a wonderful game. My friends and I have been playing this game almost every week for the past few months.
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I love any good RPG, and this really captures the feel of a "party", which I think is great!
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Nice group shot you've got, there.  I like the different poses for each character.
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That is a fun game and a nice game world
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Awesome group! :wow:
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AMAZING!!! I really like the tatooed girl, she looks amazing, and her tatoos too :P
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holy crap I just started playing thise a few weeks ago with my friends (the Card game).  I play as Lem the Halfling
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Pathfinder rocks !!
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Great work. I love pathfinder.
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Thank you for creating such awesome work for one of my favorite games!
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Have you had a chance to check out 5th ed yet?
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