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Dedicado a todos mis hermanos de Arica e Iquique en estas horas de sobresalgo, esperemos que la Pachamama se tranquilice un poco :)


Hi there guys! this is a ilustration I´ve done based in the figure of the Pachamama, the mother goddess of earth and time in The Andes. I hope you like it. This was done in a livestream session long time ago. As you maybe know, Chile was strike by a 8,4 richter earthquake and a Tsunami. My hometown Arica, along Iquique, the nearest city was both affected by the devastation. If you can, please send a prayer for our land :)

PSCS4/Bamboo/6hours/Music: Cuando el cielo llora - incason…


Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. She is also known as the earth/time mother. In Inca mythology Mama Pacha or Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting. She causes earthquakes and is typically in the form of a dragon. She is also an ever present and independent deity who has her own self-sufficient and creative power to sustain life on this earth. Pachamama is the wife of Pachakamac and her sons are Inti the sun god, and Killa, the moon goddess. In Quechua cosmology, these are the four organizing principles of nature based on water, earth, sun, and moon. Llamas as well as burned, elaborate miniature garments are sacrificed to her. After the conquest by Spain, which forced conversion to Roman Catholicism, the figure of the Virgin Mary became united with that of the Pachamama for many of the indigenous people. In pre-Hispanic literature, Pachamama is seen as a cruel goddess eager to collect her sacrifices. As Peru began to form into a nation, however, Pachamama began to be–and to this day is–perceived as being benevolent and giving. She is also seen as nature itself. Thus, problems arise when people take too much from nature because they are taking too much from Pachamama.

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What a wonderful piece!!

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Why does she look so evil?
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it is insulting and anti-white, VERY RACIST the tag was VIRGIN MARY not pocahontas, WTFCK?!!!

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There is nothing anti-white about this, so shove it
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So this is who Isabella and Carlito was talking about in dead rising
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Mi compañero del colegio pensaba que el agua era un portal Jaja
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Estyo muy divertido viendo tu galería de mitos. Y de pronto veo a Miguel Hidalgo y pienso... tal vez tenga razón. La historia está tan distorcionada que quizás solo sea un mito. ¿Sabías que era un cura , pero tenía montones de hijos?
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Gorgeous art work!
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Your drawings are amazing. And your knowledge of history and myths around the world are equally impressive. You should write a history book of myths and legends and do your own illustrations! I would definitely buy that book. Let me know if you ever publish one!
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Y mas al sur tenemos a deidades como Ngenchén.
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This is wonderful! And a figure I see represented so rarely. Thank you!
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realy like this image.
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¡Que hermoso!
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I love this !!!


Tumblr blog

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My people whom my bloodline descends from.dont live near the Andes, but the story seems really interesting! :)
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I wonder if there are religions where the God of the earth and harvest is a male.
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it makes sense why people would choose goddesess to represent the earth and nature - as woman gives birth, so does earth to all sorts of nature, you just plant a seed and it grows, like a baby in womb
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i think egyptian god of earth is a male - geb 
espero que se den cuenta de que la pachamama quiere matar al hombre

ya era hora u.u
Yet another incarnation of the earthmother archeype, hm? 

The outfit an braids are positively glorious.
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I just got back from touring Peru, including Cusco, the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Lake Titicaca.  Just didn't get around to trying cuy.  Most of the crafts and jewelry use pachamama symbols.  Just remember when you drink chicha to pour some on the ground before you drink to honor the Pachamama. 
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Espero que todo ande bien por allá. Muy linda ilustración de la Pachamama, orgullo latino <3
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