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Original Sin

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Always when i read the genesis I feel sad about eva and adam. is a beautifull and painful analogy to grow up, take distance for your parents, learn and live, take your own desitions, risk, mistakes and how love is the last we have in the end. knowledge is nothing whitout love.

Intuos/ photoshop CS/ 5 hours.

Rly thinking in this song when i was drawing this . the original of the species by U2,one of the great songs ever.

version en español
siempre que leo el genesis siento pena por Adan y Eva. Su historia es una bella y dolorosa analogia a lo que es crecer, pasar de niño a adulto, tomar distancia de tus padres, aprender y vivir, tomar tus propias desiciones, riesgos, errores y como al final, el amor es lo ultimo que nos queda al final. el conocimiento es nada sin amor.

Cuando hice este dibujo pense ucho en esta cancion de U2 llamada el origen de las especies, para mi una de las mejores canciones de toda la vida.
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I've been looking for an original sin, one with a twist and a bit of a spin...
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RisenArtProfessional General Artist
"Knowledge is nothing without love."

You are on-POINT.
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Guillaume101Student Traditional Artist
oh...Eve...what have you and Adam done?!
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(Jaw drop)
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Sorry Genzo but I have to disagree with you love is irrelevant it only serves as a painful distraction knowledge is everything it is the only thing that matters in life.
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AdrianVonNightshadeHobbyist Traditional Artist
too bad no matter how much you know its not only irrelevant and minascual but most of it is just human interpritation
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Damn she's hot. owo
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It's a pretty and kind of sex picture, but it is FAR from accurate...
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The word apple is mentioned only 8 times in the WHOLE ENTIRE BIBLE, i did a word search... and this is the result, so the bible CLEARLY does NOT SPEAK of an apple in the book of Genesis where adam and eve were mentioned... ANOTHER FALSE LIE and satanic doctrine pushed by the illuminati masons and the REST of the world which follows in their mischief...

Exodus 23:2
Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment: (you should not even SPEAK to wrestle judgment, meaning dont fight against judgment)

Deu 32:10
Psa 17:8
Pro 7:2
Sng 2:3
Sng 8:5
Lam 2:18
Joe 1:12
Zec 2:8

James 4:4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.
1 John 2:15 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

Contrary to popular believe, the God of the bible does NOT love this world, neither the things that are in it and neither should his TRUE followers...

And if you say I am not a judge and I cannot judge you then here is my answer: 

1 Corintiahs 2:15 But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.

And by the way, if you do something wrong and you need to come before the court, you will get judged right? How come you don't tell the judge, he can't judge you?

People judge and get judged all the time, but when you do not have authority, then they question your judgements, but when you are rich or have a high status in society they accept your judgment...
The bible says not to have respect of persons, nor you, are committing AN EVIL ACT...

The book of James chapter 2 speaks about that...

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Derp0DiamondHobbyist General Artist
Wow, I'm late to this aren't I? Well, first off, I do kinda see the relivence, and as you stated in another comment, it's a pretty sex picture, but it's far from accurate. And I don't see who it would be for? It's a free internet. I can respond if I wish. I appreciate your argument, but please. You're intelligent enough to not resort to insults.
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Never even saw your response.. but anyway... my argument? you are the one that replied to me CAUSING an argument... i didnt even know you existed until you commented me... and insults? this picture is an insult.. on a fact level..  but the picture itself is pretty.. but on a accurate level? it is far from truth and fact.. it is just some guy his imagination.. cause if adam and eve were yellowed haired people.. then where do i come from.. and even your stupid science says that people came from africa.. which they didnt.. but anyway.. man was made from dirt and had a malfunction albino child which are caucasian people... so THERE is where YOU came from... which is out of US... but yeah.. your time to rule is almost over... every empire fell.. and yours is next...
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Alright, first off dude - there is a level of aggression in your statement that is simply uncalled for. It may not weaken the factual side of your argument, but actions like that heavily influence the Pathos of your statements and how they are perceived.

Next off, you need some work on your grammer and punctuation. An Ellipses is three periods not two.

Third... Tell me, have you happened to read John 2:11? -- But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness. They do not know where they are going, because the darkness has blinded them.

There is a lot of anger and hatred coming out of your statement. You referred to some forty percent of the human race as a malfunction.

Moving onto the next topic - The apple. The apple is a common depiction of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. While yes, you are correct at the fact that it is never concretely described as an apple, simply as a fruit. The primary reason that it is commonly seen as an apple is the fact that the Latin word for Evil - mālum - also happens to be the same as the Greek adopted Latin word mālum, which means apple.

On the my final point... Why does it matter? It is an artistic metaphorical representation of an event that happened long before the artist was born. Genzoman more than likely used the artistic representations of Adam and Eve created during the European Classical Era as reference pieces, since a large majority of the artwork created during that period of time that represents Adam and Eve represents them as fair of skin and light of hair. The man is an artist, not a biblical scholar. 
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What is uncalled for is you celebrating columbus day and not hilter day.. colombus is responsible for over 600 million natives their murder
What is uncalled for is that you devils worSHIT satan by celebrating holoween...

What i did WAS called for.. by people like you that think they can just say some dumb shit and i wont respond with anger...
And i dont need grammer.. you are a cave monkey.. you dont tell me what to do or how to write.. you read MY way or NOT AT ALL..
Ill show you how your my pet chimp... "Yuo Vilthy Cavve Baest" See? You STILL understood that..
so i write how I WANT and not how some mammal from the caves WANTS me to write

My ancestors taught you vile beasts how to walk up right and speak and write and math, cloth, build etc. think that is impossible?
How did the native americans receive you violent savage cave beasts? They taught you how to survive off of the land and in the winter
And what did you do to them in return? They should have never taught you anything.. well i guess we all learned not to help satans children

You speak of john 2:11 but did you devils hate the slaves while holding the bible in hand?
Also did you love the native americans that you ENSLAVED ALSO even BEFORE the so called negroes were there?
Or did you RAPE, ROB, MURDER in the NAME OF the bible and the heavenly Father and his son, which are NOT cave people like yourself
The bible is an middle eastern IMPORTED religion that you cave people STOLE as YOUR OWN book.. just like how you stole america, australiasouth africaeurope through ww1, ww2 etc.

Hypocrite.. after all your rape rob murder NOW you want me to love you?
Romans 13:10 Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.
So SHUT THE FUCK UP with your goddamned lies...

2 Thessalonians 1:6-7
Seeing it is a righteous thing with God to recompense tribulation to them that trouble you;

And to you who are troubled rest with us, when the Lord Jesus shall be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels,

The bible says it is RIGHTEOUS in the eyes of the LORD that i want RECOMPENSE for the tribulations that have been done upon my people, rape, rob, murder, slavery, etc.

40% of the human race? You cave people are NOT 40%.. all races on earth have melanin in them only you cave people dont.. your not even 30% of the earths population
Every where you go people have the same color as the earth.. which is brown, different shades of brown actually.. from light to dark brown to very dark brown even...

The apple is a common lie... just because it is common doesnt make it TRUTH... a homosexual is common in america and uses the rainbow as a common symbol but the bible says
a rainbow is a holy convenant and not something to make an abomination feel better about getting all together and shit... it doesnt say apple and you cant prove it so THOU SHALT NOT LIE 
NOR ADD to the bible... Revelation 22:18-19 SAYS so...

The bible was not written in greek so FUCK YOUR GREEK BULLSHIT it was written in paleo hebrew.. and not that modern garbage them fake jews in israel have now...
Adn the word evil in the hebrew strongs concordinance is evilH7451
So you can literally go fuck your goddamned lying self.. you think im not gonna look up what you just wrote.. you fucking lying snake tongued satanic albino lab rat.. 
The native americans said you speak with forked tongue and that is a 100% correct you fucking LIAR.. it doesnt say apple you VILE CAVE BEAST...

And what does it matter? I i depict you as an asian female or i picture one of your american heroes as an asian male.. you would have a problem with it or one of your inventors or scientists
So here it matters also.. You say they was fair skin and light hair.. well according to earth biology itself.. your skin is NOT fair AT ALL you die in the sun and peel like the reptilians you truly are 
Only your race has green eyes and a snake, forked tongue FULL of LIES ... so CLEARLY your skin isnt fair.. 

My skin is fair.. cause i am the same color AS the earth i was formed from THUS making ME an earthling and YOU NOT.. you are a mute mutant from the caves...
You have different eye colors and hair colors within the same race and even in the same family of mother, father and children...

I am a child of light.. i am dark skin but the sun, day light, warmth LOVE me you are light skinned but the moon, night, cold LOVES YOU...
You are DEATH and i am LIFE... i do well in the warmth, sunlight, you do well in the cold, night, you dont even belong here.. your home is the caves.. you stole everything you own, land, language, clothing, gold, silver, gems, oil, everything.. your ORIGINAL language is cave gruntings.. you didnt even have clothing nor knew how to build houses, you mutated, you used to look like a gorilla with a gorilla skull and fur coat growing on you.. this is why you hate having a beard.. cause when you have a beard you look like a beast that you truly are... your straight hair makes you look like a beast one you have hair
who has back hair? hair on is back? YOUR race does...

So yeah... this is my reply.. i dont care if you like it or not.. but your not fooling me satan.. i know the bible.. you dont plus you LIE and ADD TO the bible...
And by the way LIAR.. the word EVIL in the greek is evil G4190

You are NOT FOOLING ME SATAN.... The NEW TESTAMENT was TRANSLATED FROM the hebrew INTO the greek.. but the OLD TESTAMENT where GENESIS is where the tree of good and evil is written IS IN HEBREW YOU VILE FUCKING BEAST LIAR.. go back to the holes=caves in the giant rocks=mountains where you belong and cave out of crawling on all fours YOU LIAR.. you are being EXPOSED in the last days SATAN.. hollyWEIRD is falling and so is america... SATAN.. YOUR TIME IS UP...
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DrawingsAreForever29Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know it is very likely that you are a troll but I'm gonna respond to you anyway since this frankly frustrates me.

I may not be a religious person and not know much about the Bible itself but I DO know however that the apple is a very common depiction of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. I depict it as an apple as this is what I have believed for many years back when I was younger and religious and there is nothing wrong with believing something. Even though it does never mention that the fruit is an apple, I believe that people are allowed to be able to make their own depictions instead of someone yelling at them saying it's wrong. I believe that unless anything is explicitly described in any sort of context, the reader is allowed to interpret the object, person, place, etc however they please. To me, it just sounds like you are a very close-minded person.

And also, the level of aggression in your comment and your reply is simply uncalled for. Other people have pointed it out and you've countered them with insults about their beliefs and them as a person. It could possibly not weaken the factual side of your argument but in terms of rhetoric, especially Pathos, it makes your argument less convincing and credible. It also implies that you could be a very immature person, resorting to battering insults towards your opposers because they may have hurt your feelings about your beliefs or even disagree with your argument. You can barrage me with as many insults as your heart desires but you know that what I say is true. You can't just go around this place throwing down peoples' beliefs just because they disagree with you. To me, that sounds like something a child would do. And I believe that it is highly unlikely that you are a child. 

And also, the reason that we have Colombus Day here in the US is that Colombus quote-on-quote "discovered" America. Previously, North America was completely unknown to the rest of the globe. You must remember that back during the times of the 1400s, travel was very rare. They did not have such advanced technology as we do in the present so they only really knew their continent of Europe and Asia. Not because of ignorance but instead because they simply did not know. We Americans know that he did not discover America. But his act of arriving there made it known to the rest of the world that the continent of North America existed.
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I have a single question for you.

A simple, straightforward and easy to answer question.

At what point did I ever imply that my skin was pale? At what point did I say that I was white. Because here you are spewing hatred and rage and filth at me all because you think I'm white.

But I'm not. 
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Derp0DiamondHobbyist General Artist
Do you have any idea how crazy you sound..? This long ass essay has little to no relevance to the picture.
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Its wasnt for you.. and to you it doesnt have relevance cause your low cave person IQ doesnt allow you to think beyond what you have been taught.. to you america was discovered by columbus while in actual fact a place occupied by people can never be discovered by another...
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yo quiero pecar....
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hell ya
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Oh wow!! Eve is beautiful here! I love the expression you used as she offers the apple to Adam. Simply beautiful.
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DrKaleidoscopeStudent Traditional Artist
What's so sad about Adam and Eve?
I mean, yeah they get kicked out of Eden, but they also gained the knowledge of good and evil, being able to tell right from wrong, instead of just doing what Yahweh told them to do

There's even a name for it in Latin : Felix Culpa "fortunate fall"
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RisenArtProfessional General Artist
Kinda late but...

...then we get genocide, rape, murder, abuse, I grew up in domestic violence, my family shattered apart, I went through years of counseling/prayer, still healing.  Is it really all worth it?

We would have still been innovating with technology, art, music, studying science and all that without the Fall.  We probably would have been doing space travel by now. I would have gotten to create art without worrying about bills and taxes. There was NOTHING fortunate about the Fall.
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DivineLuxHobbyist Digital Artist
I'd prefer a life of bliss than the current world where people chose to be good or evil.
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