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Optimus Mario and Yoshi Grimlock

I spent the whole week telling to my 7 years old kid how awesome was the Dinobots in the old transformers cartoons. Since the trailer show a lot of dino-action we was both hyped for Transformers 4. We watched the movie yesterday, after the movie ends, he was sort of disappointed about the role of Dinobots and Grimlock in the film:

-So, dad... Grimlock was somekind of Yoshi for Optimus prime on the old show too?-


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Funny crossover. I can now picture Ultra Magnus in Luigi's colors.

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Cute if funny hindsight In interesting fact that voice of optimus prime Peter Cullen was first actor in history to ever play mario
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That's cute😊

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The real Grimlock would have kicked prime's ass if Prime tried to ride him. God I hate Age of Extinction.

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Grimlock : Someone Shoot Grimlick PLEASE😢

Most interesting and awesome thing is that amazing Peter Cullen indeed was the first person to voice Nintendo’s iconic plumber, and then our favorite robot dad.  

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You know what makes this better?

Peter Cullen (The voice of Optimus Prime)

Was one time the voice of Mario in the old Donkey Kong cartoon from the 80s.

Actually, This was in 1983.

This predates Transformers by one year!

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Flesh and robotics.
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Aw, grimlock hated being in the color green, I feel bad for him Q^Q

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me grimlock hate this
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Mario And Transformers Mashup. When Mario And Yoshi Met Optimus Prime and Grimlock.
I feel for Grimlock, a sentient ass cushion, sacrificed for the sake of a double jump...
Optimus : Its-a me Optimus lets'a GO!
Grimlock : Kill me pls.
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Grimlock: Me Grimlock Hate this
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a mi hijo le fascinan ambos!
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This is HILARIOUS! Great job! :XD:
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I saw this and was like

:icontf2heavyplz: : Wut
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That is fucking epic and hilarious! XD
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Me Grimlock put up being horsey, BUT ME GRIMLOCK NO PAINTED GREEN!
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