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A ninja clan... think in teen titans but with sushi and udon as menu for dinner instead of pizza
A draw for Myths & Legends TCG for the new edition Heroes.

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PenzoomStudent Digital Artist
I've Like this.+fav Thumbs Up 
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MrsKatieNance2010Hobbyist General Artist
Rurouni Kenshin <3 :D the Oniwabanshu were awesome in the manga as well as the anime. Misao was a pretty awesome chick (wish i could do my hair like hers!)
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Should have added Shinomori Aoshi....Love 
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MrsKatieNance2010Hobbyist General Artist
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ChocolatonatanHobbyist General Artist
uno de ellos murio en otro de tus dibujos XD
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so awesome
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This is nice..
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ThatFaceGuyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Former guardians of Edo during Bakumatsu, Keio era if I'm not mistaken
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Samurai X!!!! =D
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hubiese estado chingon los de Samurai X
pero igual kedo chingon
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Dude, i love ninjas of ragnarok, and i love this!
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RodrigoOlveraProfessional Traditional Artist
a dantai
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ConcreteRose08-14Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is awesome! I love the way you drew Misao!
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At first I thought you mentioned the Owiwabanshu from Rurouni Kenshin x3
But it's again from the TCG :P

I'm now getting interested what for TCG gameplay the cardgame has and where I can buy it. In the Netherlands xd
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any relation to the oniwabanshu from kenshin?
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Wow... this reminds me of Rurouni Kenshin. I'm too big fan for RK. I genuinely luv this!!
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Escape-to-darknessHobbyist Traditional Artist
aww i thought it was the oniwaban from RK. still good though
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I pretty sure the Obniwabanshu were from Rorouni Kenshin not Teen Titans. But then again they could have been in Teen Titans as well.......Who knows?
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The name makes me think of the Oniwabon Group :p
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DarkTailsXZHobbyist Digital Artist
muy buen trabajo!! voy a agregarlo a mi coleccion de Rurouni Kenshin, aunque se que estos que tu dibujaste son basados en el clan de verdad
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I think in Misao Makimachi XD
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striderhiriuStudent General Artist
Me recuerda al grupo de los Oliguabanchu(No se como se escribe este grupo ninja) en Samurai X...
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