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Norsgard - Undead


Hi guys! there goes another image I done the last year for the upcoming game fantasy miniature game Norsgard, based in a fantasy viking world.

This pic was done in a livestream session, concept art for the miniature and also, ilustration of a undead mage/Warlock with a enchanted sword or something like that. Was indeed a fun image to do, hope you like it :)

Want to know more about Norsgard or collect the figures? Follow this link ;)

BAMBOO/PSCS3/7hours/Music: Waver - Brain Powerd OST2
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She looks so cool, i really like her face. ^.^
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Her left leg is broken XD but it's still awesome
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This actually I think could pass as a picture for Hel (Hela, Hulda in some literature) since it has the dychotemy of a lovely woman who is a living corpse. Norse mythology hints at a great fear and hatred for the undead, refering to the restless unworthy souls who didn't go to Valhalla either for evil deeds or cowardice who become Draugr, which are like typical zombies except they are incredibly fast, strong and possess magick
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amazing work as always Genzo! ^O^
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what can I say other than awesome
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Dude, if i got a dollar for every time i comment on how awesome u are, i'd buy the moon, then pay u to draw something on it. Very well done!
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Is there a place in web in which I can see some of your Work In Progress???
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love the beauty of the dark and gothic look
AleczantenFB's avatar
I love the bone armor design, how did you come up with it?
i likey this sword
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as bad of a joke as this may be

Necrophilia at its finest XD

love it either way
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Masterful Job!!!
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Absolutely amazing as aways!!
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this is amazing, how do you come up with all of your ideas ? I love them all
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Am I the only one bothered by the anatomy in this piece? there's something with the legs that I just can't explain... anyway good job as always
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nice hairystyle
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Ella puede levant esa espada con esos bracitos????
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