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Nintu, mother goddess, Mesopotamian (Sumerian and Babylonian-Akkadian), broke off, according to legend, fourteen pieces of primordial clay to form the womb deities, seven on the left and seven in the right with a brick between them, who produced the first seven pairs of human embryos. She is closely identified with the goddess Ninhursaga and may have become Belet Ili (mistress of the gods) when, at Enki's suggestion, the gods slew one of themselves and used his flesh and blood, mixed with clay, to create humankind.

A draw for the new edition of Myths and Legends "heroes"

Photoshop CS/wacom grapphire 3
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seriously Genzo... isn't there an end to the AMAZING as hell pics of yours that ah have to add to my GENZOMAN folder ?? right when ah thought ah had scanned your ENTIRE gallery and collected ALL of your pics that ah wanted to favorite. ah SUDDENLY discover NEW ones that must be added !!
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Gorgeous! I love Mesopotamian mythology.
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Sexy legs and Body, just like a True-ass Godess!!
Nosebleed Plz
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Thanks for sharing. The only true deity of Mesopotamia I've known up until now was Tiamat.
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Your 'Myths and Legends' series is breathtaking!
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Great picture, the Mesopotamian pantheon don't have enought presentations.
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sexy massive thighs hahahs real hot
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Wonderful, but she looks way too thin at the torso/belly part. I know this is an old pic though and your newer illustrations are all stunning :D
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Beautiful colors, Genzo!
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I think I have complete respect for this deviant and this character. She reminds me of an extremely powerful Egyptian queen from long before humans lost their magickal sense. Like she was one of the original "witches". She is absolutely gorgeous. Can I save this picture to my desktop?
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WOOW me gusta mucho la COMPLEXION!!!
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esta me gusta bastante por la indumentaria que usa
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the colors of 300
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nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. love the legs!
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