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Hey guys, it´s been a long time whitout posting any myth related image, so here goes an old sumerian/mesopotamic goddess. This image was done time ago. I hope you like it.



The goddess Ninkilim (often descibed also as a male god) is a widely referenced Mesopotamian deity from Sumerian to later Babylonian periods whose minions include wildlife in general and vermin in particular. His name, Nin-kilim, means "Lord Rodent".  Ninkilim is feminine in the great god-list, and the Sumerian Farmer's Almanac – (which entreats the farmer to pray to Ninkilim, goddess of field mice, so that she will keep her sharp-toothed little subjects away from the growing grain), the field-pest incantations know him as masculine, as do other texts of the later periods.

 When "the grain has penetrated the soil " a prayer to Ninkilim, goddess of the fields is needed to eliminate anything that might damage it. Once the first shoots out of the ground , irrigate , then the procedure is repeated again three times at different stages of the evolution of plants and then the results will be excellent . The auspicious day is come to harvest. Harvesters working in groups of three : a harvester, someone who tie the harvest and one without defined a task.

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This is how I always imagine Ninkilim.