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Nike goddess of victory

In Greek mythology, Nike (Greek: Νίκη , pronounced [níːkɛː], meaning Victory), was a goddess who personified triumph throughout the ages of the ancient Greek culture. She is known as the Winged Goddess of Victory. The Roman equivalent was Victoria. Depending upon the time of various myths, she was described as the daughter of Pallas (Titan) and Styx (Water), and the sister of Cratos (Strength), Bia (Force), and of Zelus (Rivalry). Nike and her siblings all became described as attendants of Zeus when his cult gained the position of the dominant deity of the Greek pantheon and the roles of older deities were changed in new myths. According to classical (later) myth, Styx brought them to Zeus when the god was assembling allies for the Titan War against the older deities. Nike assumed the role of the divine charioteer, a role in which she often is portrayed in Classical Greek art. Nike is seen with wings in most statues and paintings. Most other winged deities in the Greek pantheon had shed their wings by Classical times. Nike is the Goddess of strength, speed, and victory. Nike was a very close acquaintance of Athena, Goddess of wisdom.

A old pic, arround june of 2008 or so.
PSCS/Bamboo/6 hours/music: Eye of shiva by therion

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The antic inspiration for the christian depiction of Angels.

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Victoria , mother of the righteous .

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She's also the goddess of atheletic footwear.
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No, Nike is a shoe. YOU HAD ONLY ONE JOB, DUDE!

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nike is a godess, i thought it was a shoe
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The shoe is named after the goddess
you are nike art is go some
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Every time I landed a hundred-billion dollar contract, or won one of my various, numerous Olympic gold medals, or even completely solved a global problem like global warming or world hunger, I would see the goddess congratulate me over and over, Again and again eventually I got tired of her and had to break up with her. She was pretty devistated but at least this picture is cool. Great job! 
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Would be a perfect sleeve for YUGIOH cards!
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She's carrying the Olympic Torch!
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wearing adidas offends her
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must resist shoes joke must resist shoes joke must resist shoes joke 
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This looks amazing
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One word AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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All I can say is wow because this was so good I made it my wallpaper for my laptop
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These days her wings are a trade mark, often seen on shoes.
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and that's how the olimpics started xD
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Nike is probably my favorite goddess! amazing! XD
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She is a Skytide
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I see  that's why NIKE shoes are commonly for Sports and one of its expensive due to its engineered design for sports. . . you give me that knowledge idol
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