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Morgiana the Clever

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the story of ali baba ad the forty thieves is also knowed as Morgiana the Clever. why? is easy, the story is relted to ali baba, but the person who defeat to the forty thieves is indeed Morgiana. if you want to know more about her, here is a link :)

photoshop CS/ 8 hours /intuos/ music: The palace was found , from the OST of sonic secret rings ..OMFG i cant stop of sing this song XD!!

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Word of advice for those who haven't read: don't let her dance near you with that knife. :P I think she has the highest "body count" out of the women in the Arabian least the ones I've read so far.
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It´s such a cool story!
I really like that pose and the detailed garments around her ankles and wrists! It also holds a very unique shadowing. I really like it
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prodrias tu hacer una obra con lady Godiva?? bien sensual?
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Nice cheek. And cute gold pasty.
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So THAT'S what the one from Magi was inspired by...
I honestly did not know that until now.
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She could defeat me any day  :)
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If not because I knew she fictive ... and dead today, i'd seriously marry her she's gorgeous!!! :D
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I think I know how she managed that...
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Awesome illustration. Love this. I was actually named after her.
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That is awesome.
You also happen to share the same name as a manga/anime character, who is incidentally based on this one.
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interesting very creative
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lol magi made me look her up
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Oh? that is what Morgiana from Magi based of huh?
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me recuerda a talim que bien quedo
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Very alluring.
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The guys in the back look unimpressed.
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And thus, a long tradition begins of more competent and capable heroines being shoved aside in favor of bland and uninteresting protagonists...
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WOW!! Shes beautiful!!
Really beautiful!!
Amazing painting again!!
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I'd want to see a sexy and cute dancer like her :3
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