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Mewtwo - Pokemon

Hi guys! this is an old commision piece done time ago about Mewtwo, but bring back to celebrate the launch of Pokemon Let´s go Pikachu & Eevee :D Super hyped here for the new games.
I hope you like it :)
More pokemon pieces I did:
Charizard by GENZOMAN Pokemon - Misty by GENZOMAN Pokemon - May by GENZOMAN Pokemon GO - Meltan by GENZOMAN
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Are you aware that Slapstickcomedyfan12 is using your art as DEATH THREATS?

To bully people in bad Roleplay?

Screenshot 2020-12-30 DeviantArt - Discover The La
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Pokemon - May

Big fan of your work.

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How much was this? I really wanna commission you now
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you colored mewtwo beautifully
I like it how you flesh out his body, using more detailed shadows and highlights
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So powerfull 😎😎😎
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The best Pokémon ever ;)
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"We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokémon...and we succeeded."
SO the tail piece is kinda transparent? You can see his belly button divet through the front part. That's a cool touch.
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The details of the smoke/dust at his feet and the effect of the power in his hands is amazing!! 
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Me likey. Nice work
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This is just too good
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Beautifully gorgeous and amazingly awesome!!! :heart: nicely done! :heart:
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All seems lost, the army of the Distortion World were outmatching the Pokevengers; for each enemy slew, ten replace it. Leading the dark forces, Darkrai and Yveltal were smiling from their soon-to-come victory. All hope seems lost.

Then, a shining purple beam of energy crash on the monsters army, blinding those nearby. When the beam vanished, Mewtwo stood ready to fight.
While running toward the rest of the army, he shout: "BRING ME GIRATINA!"
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NICE!!! Still my fav Pokemon!
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:o (Eek)omfg ShockedJawdrop  :squee:  Headbang! Epicness
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