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Mega man grab my scarf

... sry i cant resist
done for fun in a stream :P

original meme by :iconangelaart:
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I knew Proto-Senpai was gay! So magiestical.SSB4 - Mega Man Final Smash 
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why would there be only one ?
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One word for this discription:
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Oh lord, my sides...

Poor Proto Man.
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Wasn't expecting that ending..
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...And to think, he used to be my brother *facepalm*
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i remember tat theme song *nostalgia* ill sing it!
Super fighting robot...Mega Man! He will save...THE WORLD!!!(world, world, world)

"Sometimes, you just gotta live and learn, so you should always face endless possibilities, and reach for the stars with your open heart."-Speed the Hedgehog
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But he's a robot...then again screw logic, this is funny!
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that's gotta hurt
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nice one!
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So that's why he isn't in mavel vs capcom 2 :p
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HAHAHA! Too funny! XD
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