Mega Man Legends - Tron Bonne
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Hi guys! This is an image about the Bonne family from Mega Man Legends universe done time ago for Prima Games book Mega Man 11: Celebrating 30 Years of the Blue Bomber. I hope you like it :)

The book was released! you can find the book right here:

-Primagames.com (www.primagames.com/games/mega-…
-Amazon (www.amazon.com/Mega-Man-11-Cel…)

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glitcher|Professional Digital Artist
Is that Servbot #40 looking up Tron's dress? :blush:
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If Tron has anything going for her, it's an A+ in the T&A department!
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Passin's avatar
Never played the game. Nice work
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Blackvegetable's avatar
Ooo, pretty!
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neootaku2016|Hobbyist Artist
such classic ^^ never played the second game though... but the first one was awesome. 
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zenki1389|Hobbyist Digital Artist
30 years of Megaman... and I am only waiting for a third megaman legends game...
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SolitaryLapTopTVLove's avatar
Between Roll Caskett and Tron Bonne,Mega Man Trigger has got it pretty good I say. This love triangle reminds me of the one that Spider-Man,Black Cat and Mary Jane have with each other. How could the Blue Digger choose between these two hotties?
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I even had her in my Megaman Fanfics as well. She's quite the character. 
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AzureRat|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think her Japanese voice is better in game.
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Really impressive, Tron looks awesome.
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TheValefor|Student Traditional Artist
Tron is just a treasure of a character xD. The Mega Man Legends deserves a comeback asap
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Lovely pic. It is such a shame the Megaman Legends/Misadventures of Tron Bonne games never made it outside of the PS1.  I'll love to see a remake of these classics in a single collection ala Crash Bandicoot Trilogy.
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Khalid64|Student Digital Artist
Tron Bonne is Capatin yeah baby save megaman get moon!
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This is quite a lovely picture Meow :3 
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R-Mika|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great job! Love the color.
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armandsteven|Hobbyist Digital Artist
nice work!!!!
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Some Servbots really appreciate dat butt XD
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MakoCrab|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Always makes me happy to see the Legends series get some love, and Tron really was the breakout character of that series. Great work, Genzo! I need to check out that Prima book now.
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So pretty!
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Troon has a cute butt. 
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Thats an ass i can get behind.
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