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Manly Link
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Published: July 7, 2009
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Before u read, time ago I done a fanart about zelda TP in the traditional look :)


Im a big fan of nintendo universe, specially I love Zelda and Mario games, not only for the gameplay, also for the characthers. Miyamoto is a genius!

A friend is always making fun about the "childish" look of mario, link, etc., the fun fact is he like the gameplay of Zelda games, but he hates how Link looks.

he said:
"link looks like a girl, you know what he need? A BEARD, MUSCLES, GRIMDARK, TEXTURES, POUCHES, MORE REALISTIC, BE A BADDAS MANLY LINK!!!"

I said:


Better I go to play kirby on my Gameboy :D

a just 4 fun draw.
PSCS/bamboo/2 hours/Music: Two minutes to midnight-Iron Maiden


edit : Dunno, but the question about the tights remember me this, Mel Brooks, da man!!

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None could stand against the horde, but the Doomslayer.
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SoulerClash|Hobbyist Digital Artist
How long did this masterpiece take you to draw? owo

He looks beyond amazing! :heart:
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PhoenixStar86|Hobbyist Digital Artist
aw hell yeah. I'd handle his master sword any day.
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KCStylus|Professional Digital Artist
HA! YES! GOSH YES! This is brilliant. I can't tell you how irritated I am when I hear people wanting to make Link into a chick. He's not a woman, period.
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Ha ha, chain-smoking Link. I wonder what an amazonian Zelda would look like standing next to him.
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Manly Zelda next pls :)
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*Reads the description*

Of course drawing while listening to "Two Minutes To Midnight" resulted in this! Why the hell wouldn't it!

 Skull Headbang rightJoe-MaccerSkull Headbang   Nem Guitar blue Skull Headbang left 
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The secret true timeline of the Entire Hyrule universe
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Steavyart's avatar…
Your artwork is being sold by this page.
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PixelDee|Hobbyist Digital Artist… Genzo! Your art's been stolen by Teechip! :C
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SHNAST|Hobbyist General Artist
No mistaken him for ZELDA now! lol
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If all the bosses had a physical effect on him--
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Zelda meets Gears of War
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LegendarySidekick|Hobbyist Digital Artist
What makes it work is Navi is with him. Love it!
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Link: The barbarian of Hyrule. 
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PinkPlushChicken|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's just awesome xD
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Lololol. Well... why not? XD Someone had to do it ;)
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Rin-JM|Student Filmographer
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Esu341|Hobbyist Digital Artist
good luck gannon xD
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No había visto este trabajo tuyo Gonza.

Se ve to' potente, to' wapo! :lol:
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The sheer testosterone emitting from this pic is glorious.
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The Legend of Zelda as seen by Rob Liefeld.
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