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A old work, arround the beginning of 2006 or so... a bit gorish :p, dunno, I like to draw flesh´n Blood, maybe too much sillent hill and hellraiser. I started to read Eliphas Levi books in that time. Magic and mythology is like coffe and cream :)

The Assyrian Lilitu were said to prey upon children and women, and were described as associated with storms, desert, and disease. Early portrayals of such demons are known as having Zu bird wings. They were highly sexually predatory towards men, but were unable to copulate normally. They were thought to dwell in waste, desolate, and desert places. Like the Sumerian Dimme, a male wind demon named Pazuzu was thought to be effective against them.

Other storm and night demons from a similar class are recorded around this period: Lilu, an incubus; Ardat lili ("Lilith's handmaid"), who would come to men in their sleep and beget children from them; and Irdu lili, the incubus counterpart to Ardat lili. These demons were originally storm and wind demons; however later etymology made them into night and flesh demons.

PSCS/6 hours/Grapphire 3/Music: Birth of Venus Illegitima - Therion (I´m still waiting for a new album!!! :D)

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