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Lilith - Bestiary

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A old draw for Myths & Legends... Photoshop CS
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Fucking amazing
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You know there are at least three versions of Lilith on your site but non of them depict the Goddess of the night, who watches over pregnant women and acts as their midwife, or the Second Hand of Ishtar. Lilith/Lilitu is a protector/mother figure to me(and many more) and I cannot help but take offense when she or any other God/Goddess/Creature does not get the respect they deserve. I know thats just my opinion and all but I just had to express myself on the matter of my Patron. Yes, the Hebrews demonized her and changed her story completely, but this cannot go on.
Again, I know this is just my opinion of her and I am sorry if you disagree but I had to speak(write?) up.
Your art is incredible and I love that you also explain in the margins who the characters are. How about showing this version of Lilith?
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This looks amazing
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hot, literally... and visually ;)
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ah or, if there is one, what´s the price for it? :D
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wow this is awsome. 

i have an question. 
Is it on a CC-license? 

Could i use it for a design for a remix-release of a vampire/lilith party?
are there conditions if?

please mail back as soon as possible! 
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love it! buy the way Lilith was coincided the mother of all vampires!
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love this pic,could call it unchained Demoness from the underworld
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the art is so Beautiful i just love Beautiful art work.
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Wasn't she meant to be Adam's real first wife? Except she refused to always be the bottom and left him as a result. God then ironically gave Adam a much more submissive and more suggestible wife. Well, I guess that taught him a lesson.
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Lilith is now the partner Gilgamesh
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y aun la conservo junto con mis otras baratijas :D
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good image of lilith just the way the legend describes her, good job
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If I could just... I would marry her!!! Awesome work!
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I sat here for 5 minutes thinking of something to write and im still speeckless, you kick ass
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*being cradled by devils heart* to the demon in front of me why do you look so sad
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ohhhhhhh liiiiliiiiith, i caaaanntt taaaake thiiiiisss anyyyyyymoooore
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