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Published: February 10, 2010
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Edited :p
well, dunno if is a minor or major edit, but there is now a SFW version, some people ask me for a all aged edit, so there is :)
And as promised, here is the last one of the four Angels of prostitution:
Lilith! the others are Eisheth Zenunim [link] , Na'amah [link] , and Agrat Bat Mahlat [link]

DOWNLOAD for a bigger version!
hope you like it :)

PSCS/bamboo/cant remember time/music: Beethoven´s 2nd movement of Symphony no 7, Allegretto (this must be one of my favorite ones ever)


Lets Wikiattack!

A female demon of the night who supposedly flies around searching for newborn children either to kidnap or strangle them. Also, she sleeps with men to seduce them into propagating demon sons. Legends told about Lilith are ancient. The rabbinical myths of Lilith being Adam's first wife seem to relate to the Sumero-Babylonian Goddess Belit-ili, or Belili. To the Canaanites, Lilith was Baalat, the "Divine Lady." On a tablet from Ur, ca. 2000 BCE, she was addressed as Lillake.

One story is that God created Adam and Lilith as twins joined together at the back. She demanded equality with Adam, failing to achieve it, she left him in anger. This is sometimes accompanied by a Muslim legend that after leaving Adam Lilith slept with Satan, thus creating the demonic Djinn.

In another version of the myth of Lilith, she was Adam's first wife before Eve. Adam married her because he became tired of coupling with animals, a common Middle-Eastern herdsmen practice, though the Old Testament declared it a sin (Deuteronomy 27:21). Adam tried to make Lilith lie beneath him during sexual intercourse. Lilith would not meet this demand of male dominance. She cursed Adam and hurried to her home by the Red Sea.

Adam complained to God who then sent three angels, Sanvi, Sansanvi and Semangelaf, to bring Lilith back to Eden. Lilith rebuffed the angels by cursing them. While by the Red Sea Lilith became a lover to demons and producing 100 babies a day. The angels said that God would take these demon children away from her unless she returned to Adam. When she did not return, she was punished accordingly. And, God also gave Adam the docile Eve.

Lilith's fecundity and sexual preferences showed she was a Great Mother of settled agricultural tribes, who resisted the invasions of the nomadic herdsmen, represented by Adam. It is felt the early Hebrews disliked the Great Mother who drank the blood of Abel, the herdsman, after being slain by the elder god of agriculture and smithcraft, Cain (Genesis 4:11). Lilith's Red Sea is but another version of Kali Ma's Ocean of Blood, which gave birth to all things but needed periodic sacrificial replenishment.

In Zoharistic cabala, Samael was also mated with Eisheth Zenunim, Na'amah, and Agrat Bat Mahlat — all angels of prostitution. Lilith is related in the medieval lore as the counterpart of Samael, as the queen of hell.

According to legend Lilith's attraction for children comes from the belief that God took her demon children from her when she did not return to Adam. It was believed that she launched a reign of terror against women in childbirth and newborn infants, especially boys. However, it also was believed that the three angels who were sent to fetch her by the Red Sea forced her to swear that whenever she saw their names or images on amulets that she would leave the infants and mothers alone.

These beliefs continued for centuries. As late as the 18th century, it was a common practice in many cultures to protect new mothers and their infants with amulets against Lilith. Males were most vulnerable during the first week of life, girls during the first three weeks. Sometimes a magic circle was drawn around the lying-in-bed, with a charm inscribed with the names of the three angels, Adam and Eve and the words "barring Lilith" or "protect this newborn child from all harm." Frequently amulets were place in the four corners and throughout the bedchamber. If a child laughed while sleeping, it was taken as a sign that Lilith was present. Tapping the child on the nose, it was believed, made her go away.
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Wait, did herdsman actually couple with animals?
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YoshiCrusaderHobbyist Writer
I like the tail blade. I had a similar idea for a characters demon transformation. 
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goomyiscute777Student General Artist
Same here!
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RashaKadzeHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Ah... I "love" how most patriarchal religions make strong women villains. :bleh:

Great picture though.
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Always a bitch, ain't it? I know the comment is old, but I thought it was a good a place as any.
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It is totally a bitch. Everything gets bastardized and evilized. :S

Works for me!!
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Notice how (pretty much) all the major religions and even the lesser known and teetering on collapse peg women as evil simply because woman and not actually DOING ANYTHING FUCKED UP to be warranted as evil.
DivineEqualizer's avatar
I would say those describing themselves as Christian or have something to do with Jesus Christ are where the 'evil' label comes from. Certain Pagan religions started off considering women inferior but not evil; while others viewed woman as special in their own right. Lilith is a good example of that.
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Well, either way it gives a sort of look that makes me think "if you have to be a RELIGIOUS WOMAN why pick a religion where you're seen as the lesser of the "evil" one responsible for humanity's fall"?
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I imagine because it is something they grew up with due to family ties or they found it best suited their needs and they don't see it that way.
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I can understand the whole "being born into it" thing, but the ones that GO INTO IT THEMSELVES make me go "WHAT THE HELL!!!!?" Though these things happen when a religion doesn't have a high bar to entry and intimate knowledge of a holy book or something isn't required.
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Is she the first demon? 
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Faved for getting my learn on!
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I would have a demonspawn with her if she wasn't a whore xD, still one of my favorite demons doe
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whitneymorrisHobbyist Digital Artist
Ooo. Lilith is one of my favorite demons, as worrisome as that mat be....
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I know fundamental fact about her, Satan hates her guts.Smoking 
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MrPaintRavioliStudent Digital Artist
Strangely enough, my weird version of Satan more or less SEEMS to be angry at everything, but the only thing he really loves in the world (the spirit world AND the physical world) is Lilith.

I don't know what I was thinking.
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Satan hates Lilith for advancing mankind's abilities and for trying to make her own kingdom, which would only be another hell.  "Two hells, is one hell too many."Smoking 
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MrPaintRavioliStudent Digital Artist
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Where's the NSFW version?
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tomeojrHobbyist General Artist
In some versions she lives in the blood of infants
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xXCamper61XxStudent General Artist
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yup shes supposed to be hot
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