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Leviathan was a creature of the Old Testament, appears in the book of Job, and Isaac described it as a large sea serpent. sometimes is relative to another biblical creatures, as behemoth, ziz and taninim.

well thats it, a old draw (arround 8 or 10 months ago)
photoshop CS/ wacom grphire 3/ 5 hours/ Soundtrack:


Requiem, Dies irae, my favorite song by Mozart, this is real music! :)
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Whenever the name of the three Primordial Beasts is mentioned as someone talks about the Genesis, I like to believe that Leviathan, Behemoth and Ziz, should they exist, instead of being defeated by God, should He exist, and served as dinner to the Feast at the time of Apocalypse, would instead defeat BOTH the Forces of Heaven and Hell, God and Lucifer, and reboot the Creation back to the original state of Primordial Chaos. Chaos as the Beginning, Chaos as the Ending.

Like the Man shall return to the ground, the ground from which he was taken. The ground of Behemoth, the Beast of the Earth.

ÏA ! ÏA ! LEVIATHAN FHTAGN ! Gorgeous picture, I always imagined Leviathan as a Sea-Dragon.