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Laura - Street Fighter V

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Laura from Street Fighter V. Looks nice to play by photos, waiting for the video and official reveal :D
Go Brazil! Go!

You can share my stuff! Thanks :)
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It's kinda straight seeing a Chilean being happy that SF introduced another Brazilian instead of a different South American for a change in fighting gamesl history.
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you see, exposed cleavage doesnt go so well with stuff revolving around beating each other up until one player is successful. i mean if you think getting punched in the face hurts, try getting punched in the boobs. and honestly out of study, the tissue damage there is permanent. but hey? its a japenese game. FUCK LAWS OF PHYSICS AND OUCHIES
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Every attack in this game causes permanent damage anywhere in real life, so why point out this one detail?
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cause its fun? idk capcom doesnt take armor that seriously
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That's not what I meant, but ok.
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but anyways i never pointed out the damage, i pointed out the sexuality in it. 
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Then you must think E. Honda is pornographicrofl 
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I love this! Can you do Xiayu? She looks so cool now in SFV artwork
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Ahhhhhh Genzo, you've done it again man!

I'm so glad to see such a beautiful Brazilian woman featured in the new SF game =)
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Bad ass pose! Keep up the good work :D
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I love the new sexy girl fighter from Brazil, South America. This is Laura the older sibling of Sean Ken Masters student from the Street Fighter III games. Laura is so cute, sexy, and agile. She's a mix of Chun-Li, Cammy, Juri, and Christie Monteiro from the Tekken series. So unique SF fans. Good job Genzoman. I can't wait to play as Laura in SF V. My baby brother who's grown will get this game. He has it available on his PS4 Network so you can play SFV before it comes out.
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I'd love to see a fight between Laura and Christie from Tekken, awesome picture by the way :)
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zSpit-Fire233. That would be a joy DeviantArt friend. Laura and Christie Monteiro's fights are so similar. Laura is a master of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu which, is so versatile, creative and interesting. Christie Monteiro was trained by her boyfriend Eddy Gordo in the art of Capoeira which, I also, love.

 Did you hurt yourself?
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by far my favorite art of piece your work =) 
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Still have a bug with he skin tone... Oh well.

Nice artwork though!
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Ha ha... People must go crazy over her, on the beach, at Rio. :D
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Neo128. I love Brazilian girls buddy. I have seen ads of girls from International countries being advertised on my computer and girls from other countries really want to date me. I met a Caucasian american girl in my hometown 6 years ago, and her Co-Working friend was from South America who also, found me seriously, attractive, sexy, cute and always smiling. They were in love and couldn't keep their eyes off me. From my profile I guess you can see Why right buddy.
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Ha ha... Run with it, buddy... Nothing wrong with being the president of your own fan club. :D
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Neo128. Laura is so sexy, athletic, and talented in her skills that if she were real I would go out with her in a second. I wonder if Laura would fall for Feilong in an SF story. How would Brazilian girls react to asian guys? As famous as Feilong is girls from all over the world want to get with him. So it wouldn't be a major difference anyhow.
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