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Lady Grim Reaper

It´s been an odd couple of months: My  computer died because water fall over it, then a month later, my HDD died again (the whole water issue maybe was the cause) and then I had to stay a couple of weeks out of home since we had an airline strike on my country... oh! and I´ve been absent from DA for a time, :P sorry...the good thing is the whole HDD was saved and back from the recovery service. Now I´m checking the files and is it´s like watch my whole life come back in form of a bunch of images and old ilustrations :P

 This is an image done time ago as promotional art for the metal band "Bury The Veil": A Grim Reaper, but in lady form ;P
 I hope you like it :)
This next week news about patreon ;)
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Wow I absolutely love this how do I purchase so I can use as my gamer picture please this is must amazing

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Love the concept of the reaper being a woman. Very eerie. 
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If I have to look at her before I walk the next step in my journey throuhg the eternity, I will feel pretty glad!
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I LOVE how she is smiling/grimacing heh.  I like how your style is detailed but clean; doesn't hurt the brain to look at the details
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These is amazingly gorgeous.  I absolutely love her! 
Otakuyo's avatar good!
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Ow Hell Yea! :happybounce: 
Grim Reaper or GRIN Reaper? :D

Fantastic work as always!
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Uh.. if their was an airstrike on your country.. might I suggest moving. I've heard Chattanooga,TN is pretty awesome, especially since the whole GiG internet to the residence.

Awesome illustration as well.
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Damn! thats good as fuck ! Nod Clap  Clap 
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superb art asalways
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wow, that looks really cool, awesome job.
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i like the detail of the buckle, the word "death" gives a distinctive touch
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Don't fear the Reaper.
GhostHead-Nebula's avatar
Tus nuevas imágenes están geniales :D

PD: Y mi Dark Gunner pa' cuando? :lmao:
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