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L5R - Shinjo Ming-li

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Hi there

Here goes another illustration i done for L5R TCG :) this time is a unicorn battle maiden. This clan is very close to the mongolian warriors in their outfits, but always keeping the japanese touch.... know what? I LOVE girls in samurai kind of armor, or in general with plate over their skin... ups!, dunno why XD, a strange fetish maybe? :P

also i love japan and chinese myths and culture so theres is always a place for a onna bugeisha (the female name for womans trained in the use of diverse kind of weapons in the feudal japan)... I´ve done this pic is arround a month ago.

photoshop CS/Bamboo/7hours or more, dont remember/music: Momentary life- GGX OST by Daisuke ishiwatari ( This man is so much win, the Orson Wells of the videogame world XD)


if you want to know more about L5R CCG, check their website!
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Wondering if you do artwork for others. I am trying to design a tshirt line, and your artwork is right along the line of the concept that I am looking for. Please feel free to let me know by messaging me back.
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hmm i think i can understand the attraction lol! whilst trying not to sound creepy about it, yes samurai girls are often cute looking! =)
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She is very beautiful ^^
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Pretty! Reminds me of Monster Hunter for some reason.
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I like Li Mei from Mortal Kombat has an outfit like this, an alternate/unlockable one. They must have gotten the design from you ;)
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Very nice idea for the helmet.
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now were talking bring it on cupcake
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Wow, just amazing.
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Omg !!! That moon rendering is gorgeous and her lavender armor is so pretty, too.

Great job !!
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She reminds me of Li Mei from Mortal Kombat! Tre cool
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se parece a un personaje del mortal kombat deception li mei
con el traje alternativo :)

esta muy bueno el dibujo
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wow hottest samurai chick ever! your art is incredible, but this one tops them all!
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Mmmm unicorns! I'm impressed!
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Mongol Samurai FTW!

Glory to the Khan and them pretty Utaku lasses!
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cute girl ;) but she has nothing to do with real Unicrons ;p make next woman from this clan more... wild xD they are like... our ancestors from 100 000 years ago :D
but art is great, just doesn't look like from L5R ;)
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Oh My Goodness Tetsuko!, I love this series, the unicorn was the first one I ever read from it. I really love the pose and the armor great pic, ^_\\
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It must be hard to hide in the night with such bright armor on. Wow that full moon reminded me of the Wolf Moon tonight and the fur on the girl makes me think she's some sort of wolf moon warrior princess. So on her breast plate, those pink circle thingies aren't distanced equally.
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she is goo, but looked a lot like Li Mei from MK!!
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