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Kingpin - Agents of Mayhem

Hi guys!
I was commissioned by Deep Silver for Agents of Mayhem After Hours program to do this rendition of Kingpin for the upcoming game "Agents of Mayhem"
I´m a big fan of Saints Row games so I was really happy to do a portrait of Pierce Washington AKA Kingpin, on his spare time enjoying a cheeseburger and some fries.
I hope you like it!
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cool que gran dibujo de king agents of mayhem es asombroso y fantastico te felicito mucho genzoman es un gran trabajo:D:)

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Pierce and Johnny were my favorite Saints Row characters, so to see A.O.M. kept that charm gave me a tear in my eye. You did him justice, my friend. :iconmanlytearsplz:
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personally i only use the saints when i play the game, i do main Hollywood but its mostly cuz i think he's the boss reincarnated
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This is so cool !!! Can i post this in my insta ??? I will give credit as well just give me your insta name ....
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Pierce, oh man its been a long time, you look good
Excellent work as usual
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Yep, have to stop and get a burger at FreckleBitches 

I love SaintsRow 
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So, with Gat stationed in Seoul as a cop, Ben King passing, and the Boss never having contact with the gang life, Pierce not only took the helm as leader of the Vice Kings, but also United the other gangs under one flag. Hell of an improvement from being the butt of the Saints' jokes!
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Not only that, but under Pierce’s leadership, Stilwater is free from Legion.

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yaasss LOL this is awesome
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Since this game takes place after one of the endings of Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell, i feel like this alternate timeline should crossover with the original saints row character (1-4, Gat out of hell) with the use of time travel to team up with M.A.Y.H.E.M. to take down L.E.G.I.O.N. and also some other throwback villains. Saints Row: Operation MAYHEM
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Very nice. I have Agents of Mayhem and I have been having a lot of fun with it and the Pre-order character, Johnny Gat.
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finally things are going Pierce's way
wonder what happened with the Boss in this timeline, maybe "he" is Persephone?
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Awesome work! :D
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This is very nice
A waist of good food
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it might just be me but he looks like he has 2 left feet lol
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-2 to dexterity checks with grease cover shoes
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Now it's Pierce time to shine! Excellent work!
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