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Kamar and Budur

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a not well knowed story of the Arabian nights is "The Tale of Prince Kamar al Zaman and Princess Budur"

Obstinate both princes to marry, Kamar al zamán and Budur are only comparable in nobility and beauty each other, because “the mold that made to one not has broken without creating a perfect sample in feminine, that is indeed princess Budur”.

Having itself known thanks to a singular gamble btween two eefrets, that defends each to the prince of the opposed sort, they fall in love and consume their love in dreams. When they awaking from their dreams, both are in distant cities and palaces and will have a quest to find each to other, the loved stranger.

this is the mix of two ilustrations i done arround february of this year for Myths & Legends TCG.

12 hours (six hours each chara)/photoshop CS/intuos/music:
The Other Side-Sirenia

click download for a wallpaper version :)
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story of my.... x
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Oh, I LOVE these two! They're like the first biracial fantasy couple.
Thank you SO much for drawing them^.^
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For what I read, it is a lovely story :P
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I like how he isn't as buff as the other men you drew, still, he looks powerful.
After reading A thousand and one nights, I do remember their characters. They both were reluctant to marry at all. Then they got to know each other for a night.

I think that you envisioned them different than I did.
Way sexier. I mean, she is SEXY. In bigger letters than that.
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I LOVE IT!!! inspired by arabian nights sort of art
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I'm looking for an Artist for my FaceBook game. Paid work. How much do you charge?

Here is a link to our FaceBook page: [link]
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cool men! haha
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It's my favourite story!!! =)
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I'm really diggin' that big ass sword he's holding Lol, Really nice work :]
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Era mi carta favorita de Mitos y Leyendas XD, no por el efecto sino por el dibujo, totalmentegrandioso
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Seriously though, do you hand draw these?

Where can I find this story? I've looked on google, but to no avail.
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Pick up a copy of the Arabian Nights/Thousand and One Nights. There are many good translations, although unfortunately there are very few comprehensive versions that contain all the tales; usually it is a selection, large or small depending on the translator/editor and what he was going for. The Hussein Haddawy translation is, I think, one of the best. The story of Kamar al-Zaman and Princess Budur can be found in "Sindbad and Other Stories from the Arabian Nights." If you don't get that one, many other translations have the story of Kamar and Budur, since it seems to be one of the most famous and most popular. However, not all of them will have it.
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I actually have a full copy of 1001 Arabian Nights on my Kindle. I guess I just haven't gotten that far yet.
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that prince has a huge ass saber :D great piece of art here bro
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VERY WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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D= no manches.... los cuerpos, la ropa, el gesto del rostro, los colores!!!! >.< ke hermosos te quedaron
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Barefoot? Ouch. I hope she isn't walking much. I'm kind of confused. Is the princess supposed to be Asian or is that just a product of waking up in China?
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In the story she's stated to be the daughter of the emperor of China, but that's mostly in-name only as China is depicted inaccurately as being like any other Middle Eastern kingdom.  The Chinese part is mostly their to make it seem foreign.  The same thing occurs in the story of Aladdin.
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The girl's outfit is beautifully done, especially with how she poses XD
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Awesome render and outfit design. Great composition. Love your style of rendering!
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