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Iron Mask - Black as Death

A image done as cover for IRON MASK´s upcoming new album "Black As Death", which will be released on December 16, 2011. hope you like it :)

Done in a livestream session long time ago, maybe you where there :)

12 hours/bamboo/PSCS3/Music: Broken Hero [link]


Genzoman in Facebook:[link]
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Great work , your one of my favorites. Keep killing shhhhh
There's a little part of it that bugs me, where his right arm doesn't really seem to 'connect' with the scythe, because realistically, that thing is where his fingers should be, so either he has no fingers and that's just fingers sprouting from the weapon itself or he has insanely thin fingers that just wrap around the weapon. 

Aside from that, I've always loved your style, I even bought a book about your art in the Netherlands :)
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God that is cool as s***.
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Awesome Art!

The Arlyn Pillay Art Gallery is hosting a Halloween themed art show called the Ghoulish Gallery art show in Tustin, California. USA.

here's a link to the flyer for the art show if you are interested…

feel free to call the gallery if you have any questons (714) 884-8700 :-)

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Me: "Hey, this looks like Genzo's style!" *is Genzo's* "Awesome!"
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Reminds me of Anti-Spawn ( if anyone remembers that character...)
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This awsome!!!!
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I recognized your style the first time I saw this cover. Man, you are amazing!
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"Like a boss" type of picture.
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Damn you draw this!?
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Love the concept and the lighting. Perfectly epic
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This always happen. Scrolling through thumbnails, find something absolutely BADASS and then see the artist, and I'm like "Of course it's Genzoman!" Seriously, it's happened like a dozen times. Why are you so awesome?
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That must be Hades and Cerberus
MorgraSanctified's avatar
This is my favorite Iron Mask album..I just love this album cover!
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Looks like a wicked cross between Spawn and Doctor Doom. Freakin awesome. :D
Phatfingerz104's avatar
Awesome art and a fucking awesome album! NO DOUBT! \m/ Hails n' horns \m/
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hey! i am creating a wargame, can i use this image for one of the cards? your name will appear on the card itself as the designer of the image
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Really awesome! Death in Darksiders II should look more like this :D
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