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Chronos broke free from his prision on the bottom of the abyss. now he is back and holds the power of comprese time and space in his hand. the heroes of all the time joins to defeat him and other "villians" in the world of Myths and Legends, who wins in this battle of immortals? only the time will say it!

A old ilustration I done arround a year ago as promotional pic/poster for Myths & Legends TCG for "immortals" editon. was pretty fun to do, this was a reunion edition (best charcters of cards of old editons with a new design and look) so i used a compo similar to the Super Street fighter II japanese cover for Snes. (OMG i looove that old super famicom package)

photoshop CS/12 hours/graphire 3/music: Path of Arcady -Therion (this song is WIIIIIIIN!!!)


think in this:
Is it a bad sign that I think Cronus reminds me of :iconcardcrusherplz: at the moment?

Cronus: Hey humanity; want me to return your world back to normal?
Humanity: Sure we'll take it
Cronus: *Crushes it*
Humanity: o_o
Humanity: >_>;;

(lol, the joke was a idea of :iconzackdafallenseraph: XD)
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thanks for draw me.
the titan mor powerfull
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Extremely cool!
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Wow... This one is just stellar. I love that he's crushing the hourglass.
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Shit, Cronus is free!!!!!! Someone call that Percy Jackson kid!!!
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No call kratos or spawn
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No get Thorn the betrayer (look up if you don't know)
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holy crap that is huge
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Excellent idea and in addition to that we get Morgam Freeman to narrate the fight.
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yo tenia la carta de cronos 9^9
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That movie sucked, and sucked HARD.

Trust me, just wait for "Wrath of the Titans".
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Hey Just curious, but how many of the pieces in your mythology gallery are from this card game?
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Cronos broke his hourglass. What a shmuck!
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umm is zeus diffrent from father zeus?
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