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Ice Phoenix

Hi there guys! The las week I attended to FESTIGONIA convention on Punta Arenas, the nearest city to the southern pole :D. A lot of cold and wind there. People told me how close we was from antarctic, so I cannot stop thinking in this image I did time ago for SolForge game. An Ice Phoenix on level 3 (from 3 levels availables on the game :) I hope you like it

PSCS4/Bamboo/6 hours plus 2 of edits/music:  Jumping Flash! Music - World 4-1 (Slippery Ice Land) ... when someone tell me "ice" I think in this song instantly :D

Oh! I did a phoenix image some years ago, so we have both, fire and ice :D
Phoenix by GENZOMAN

BTW, If you want to know more about this game by StoneBlade check this link.

You can share my stuff! Thanks :)
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there is an Mythological Elemental Bird of Ice in Abenaki Mythology called the Psonen :p
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Okay, I know this totally goes against the whole Phoenix lore, but I don't care. This is badass.
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brrrrrr a cold phoenixxxxxxxxxxxxxxx! I love it 😍!
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The Phoenix of Ice and Snow...
Thank you,  Gonzo.  I am going to use it in my YouTube Account.  -XvX ThunderPheonix XvX 
I'm not hating on the artwork it looks amazing but the definition of phoenix is fire-bird so an ice phoenix is by definition an ice fire-bird
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I love this concept! Phoenixes and dragons are quite suited to play with the whole "elements/different environments" thing
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anyone tell you you're friggen awesome?
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Could you make this a print?
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Spam-in-a-Box: O_O 
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Anivia? Is that you?
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Could be Articuno. Really cool!!
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Get the water mate, that would be good to see.
um the phoenix is sort of made of fire u twit... on a positive note try maybe making an electric phoenix that would be wicked.
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we have the Thunder Bird :p
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Read the description bimbo! :unimpressed:
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He already made the Fire Phoenix years ago, read the damn description. 
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Maybe that 's why he called it "ICE phoenix". But hey, what do I know...
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Great work. Really like the snow and ice swirling with the wings.
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