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Hsien-ko Darkstalkers tribute



I love to play with Hsien-ko/Lei lei on the old Night warriors in the Arcades. The rooster on Darkstalkers was pretty cool, but the newcomers of Night warriors was awesome and she was my main chara for that game (in DS my main was Gallon/Talbain, and later, Bulleta/BB Hood on Vampire)... I mean, her moves was great, but how can anyone not fall in love with this ghost/zombie girl with HUGE claws?? :D

90´s ...that was a gold time on the Arcades :D "Snif!" *Manly tear* *nostalgic* Bengus is the King!

A pic I done for the Upcoming Udon´s Darkstalkers Tribute book :) Thanks to the guys of Udon for inviting me to contribute in this great book about a game that I love :)

remember to get your book! :D

PSCS/Bamboo/Music: Pyron Theme (FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!! Pyron!! ok, is not a hard boss, but along with Gill of SFIIITS, he kill my nerves.)


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I was and still a simp for this zombie(in fact) She Was My Childhood Crush, I knew her in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and became a simp ever since, Nights thinking about her about: "What she woud look like witout her cweepy arms, and only with her nomal arms...♡" sometimes l've even wished she was my mom(Lol XD) THANK YOU LEI-LEI!!! 😍😍😍😍💖💖💖💖