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Hearthstone - Secretkeeper

Hi there guys! This is an image I´ve done time ago for Blizzard, now on heartstone :)

She is a Blood Elf casting a meltdown spell on Molten core, sorrounding by flames.

Dunno why, but Molten core and also, Blackrock Depths are maybe some of my favorite instances, the place is huge. the first time I visited I get lost in there XD, so my respect to the dungeon designer. well, still love deadmines :p I started a new draenei toon on my server, i forget how fun was that lilltle one

PSCS/Intuos/9 hours/ Music: Sacred - WOW OST…

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Blizzard keeps taking steps to move themselves away from what we want. Eventually it'll be too far.
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Incredible vibrant colors. So firey!
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Awesome blood elf.
Can't believe they removed this from Hearthstone. Trying to cleanse it of sexuality and violence, so it's just not Warcraft anymore. Sad.
Fantastic work, I remember using this card in my secret paladin deck back when I played, and also - dat ass.
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Can we get an F for this glorious artwork?
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Colors, colors, and a beautiful girl to wear them! Shocked 

Although you made the magic digitally, it´d be nice to mimic it by marker... :clone:
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"Alright then, keep your secrets"
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I'm half expecting her to say......"Who Dares?"

Bold and daring! Great work!

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Damm very awesome and beautiful work!!!;) (Wink) 
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Lame that Blizz is changing this. Your art is great!
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This is beautiful. I don't like the replacement. I don't know what Blizzard thinks.
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Magister's set from vanilla! I see it in there!
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Very nice Cool WinkBlue LoveApplaud fella (Reactions)  
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Such a shame that blizzard decided to replace this art in heartstone. Its so much more beatiful than the new one.
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Honestly I thought the new art was even sexier, except for the succubus which was entirely removed.
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i will miss this booty on heartstone
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Wonderful work~
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wow!!! Looks amazing! 
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