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Guilty Gear i-no

This is my favorite day, after christmas
and this is my favorite witch: I-no T_T from GG midnight carvinal

Happy Halloween to all!! :)

psCS / wacom graphire3 / 4 hours
soundtrack: get down to business ( GGXX OST, damn, Daisuke is god T_T)


and the siren (nightwish)


my favorite 2d fighting game (roman cancel > parry :P)
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Oh wow! This is so amazing!! :happybounce:  It captures I-No perfectly. 
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I'm not actually familiar with the character but I really like how she looks, and the big fella under her looks good too ofc ^^ . A great piece, nice work.
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I'd like to see more Guilty Gear artworks.
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BACK TO BACK! Death comes ridin' on the MIDNIGHT TRAIN!
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Solo por que te vi jugando el otro día me volví a emocionar con el juego :3, muy buena por cierto la ilustración, como siempre C:
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Awsome^^, but when did she get wings in the game??
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i-no, perfect, very videogames.....
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Zomg, I have had this piece of art printed out forever from Google Images and it never had a link to who made it. Finally found it. AWESOME.
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i love this one sooooo much, :D. years ago i saw this one
on google. and i have many times look at it, and later i drew this
too ( with pensil and paper). i learned a much at that time :).
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this is exactly the art I want. Thats why I gotta get the dollars up to have you do the cover!!! Great work
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D: You should really do more art of her. ; - ; I love her. <3 :squee:
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absolutamente genial, me gusta mucho
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Guilty Gear is an awesome game and so is this piece.
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This is really awesome :heart:
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:D joder, como amo este juego, sin duda el mejor juego de lucha 2D! (GG>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>los demas de 2D) e I-No es una de mis favoritas !!!
lo unico malo es que la imagen es un poco enana en comparacion a las demas...pero que importa? si es sensacional!!!
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I like to see you make a Order Sol version
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I hope to learn more about your Digital Drawing skill. Do you mind any tutorial?
Hello. Only four hours? You should had made tutorial, how to make this. This is extremely good. By the way. Do you have problems, if I would use your artwork for my Arcade stick frontpanel artworks? Thanks for the response.
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Can I ask, the creature she is standing on, did that come from your imagination? if so what inspired it? it's really good work. I love the shades of colour.
I love these guys, First GG, the Blaz. Seriously, it rekindled my love of fighting games, something born from Darkstalkers.

Only games where you could play as:

Sky Pirates
Rock and Roll Witches
Shards of Gods

shall I keep going?
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