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Goliath (Hebrew: גָּלְיָת, Standard Golyat Tiberian Golyāṯ ; Arabic: جالوت , Jalut (Muslim term), جليات Julyat (Christian term)), known also as Goliath of Gath (one of five city states of the Philistines), is the Philistine warrior, famous for his battle with the young David, the future king of Israel, described in the Hebrew Bible/Christian Old Testament and, more briefly, in the Quran.

There are significant differences between the earliest manuscripts of the story, dating from the last few centuries before Christ, and those of later centuries, with Goliath's height increasing from an original six and a half feet (200cm) to nine and a half feet (290cm), and David changing from a young man to a boy. The story may have originated in oral traditions about David – the name "Goliath" appears to be an authentic 10th century Philistine one – but Goliath's famous battle may originally have been with the obscure Elhanan, rather than with the great king of Jewish folklore, and the version preserved in the Book of Samuel shows clear parallels with Greek literature.

Post-Classical Jewish traditions stressed Goliath's status as the representative of paganism, in contrast to David, the champion of the God of Israel; Christian tradition gave him a distinctively Christian twist, seeing in the battle with David the Church's battle with Satan.

PSCS/ 6 hours/ intuos/music: Goliath (Choir) - Immediate Music

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Now THAT is a GIANT!!

But how does that slight youth drag THAT sword over to hack off Goliath's head?

I sculpted him even smaller.

David Holding Goliath's head
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Even Goliath couldn't stand against Yahweh

And Yahweh wouldn't stand against Enki, Enlil and Anu.

Yahwehswarrior1968's avatar
Yahweh is the Almighty God and all must bow before Him. Including the 3 names you speak of. If they exist.
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It's funny you used the word, BOSS. My villain, Boss vs Watermain.

Watermain vs the Boss
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And I like the name, Watermain. Great, dynamic line art there!

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face the giant and become the king of Israel.
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I always wondered if Goliath was at all related to the nephilim. Probably not since the nephilim were wiped out in the Flood, but still the similarities are striking much like the giants Caleb and Joshua saw.
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Bible does say there were giants before And after the Flood. Like Og, King of Bashsan, the Anakim and Rephaim.
Your skills are amazing, I can only hope to reach half of your abilities some day!
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Some days ya feel like Goliath but most days...ya know!
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I really like this series, have you considered doing one of Jesus' Resurrection?
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The story of David and Goliath was definitely one that sparked my imagination. Love this illustration and I love the moral behind it of a brave warrior who feared no one but God, and struck the largest man down. :)
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Cooooooooooooooool. Love this.
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You might as well put Pedobear on his face
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I don't care what the bible wants us to belive.
To me, the Philistines were badasses.
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JaHMellaH, I am going to stop you right there. If you have a problem with THIS or Any religion...just shut the hell up and move on. I mean really what are you trying to gain from all of this? There is nothing wrong here. This artwork is beautiful. Mankind is always flawed, that includes the Vatican and every other religious council. No one man can be the voice of GOD. Only HE can say what is right and wrong. The rest of us have been given free will. Al we have to give everything we got and live on. Move forward. So there is no reason that you should be angry of anything. If being politically and religiously correct is important to you, fine. No one will stop you. And I wont stop you for what you're believing in. Just be careful what you say and do in your life. Because one day something is going to give and we have nobody to blame but ourselves...whether we like it or not.
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you filthy ape.. you cant stop me chimp... this isnt the slave days.. i would kill you for trying to stop me.. i can type or say what i want... all you can do is block me but stop me? you die that very same day...
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