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Hi there guys! GOOOOODDDDZILLAAAA!!! RUUUUUUUN!!!!...This is a Image I done the last year for Udon, Legendary pictures / Toho as a promotional image for San Diego comic-con for a upcoming Godzilla film. The image on the boot worked with aumented reality, (godzilla roaring releasing flames everywhere) and also featured in t-shirts.

hehehe, hope you like it, I LOVE godzilla, I grew up watching the old Godzilla and Kaiju/sentai films, so this was a really fun work to do :) thanks a lot to :iconzubby: for all the help and advices about this.

hope you like it :)

PSCS3/bamboo/18 hours non consecutive/music: Jamiroquai - Deeper Underground
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Legendary Godzilla - "Must bring balance to Nature"

Shin Godzilla - "Everything hurts"

Godzilla Earth - "the humans are a threat of nature and the world is mine to control"
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All hail to the king!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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So you were the one who was responsible for this particular artwork I've seen years back, if's that's so, I have one thing to say: you sir have done a job well done. It is an absolute honor to finally know the artist who did this great work of art, as a fan of the Big-G himself, I say congratulations.  
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this is so amazing and makes me wanting to look a godzilla movie again.
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Hello can I please use this pic for the cover for an amino app and if you say yes I will acknowledge you somewhere in the amino thx
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too bad the recent movie was shit
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All hail the God of Kaiju, the Giant Badass, Big-G himself:
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That shit is so epic I swear!!!!
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This has been my screen saver for.............years
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Godzilla best desing I have ever seen in my life! Godzilla - KinGoji [Excited, Clapping] [V.1] Godzilla 2014 Atomic Breath Icon Godzilla Collapse Gif 2003 Godzilla Roars Icon :godzilla: GodzilLA 2.0 Godzilla vs Koopzilla - GOJI Death Stare [V.1] Tokyo SOS - KiryuGoji [Atomic Breath] [V.1]               O Alphabets (Words) M Alphabets (Words) C (Alphabets) Godzilla Collapse Gif Shock Emote Godzilla Llama Godzilla - KinGoji [Excited, Clapping] [V.1] :godzilla: Godzilla vs Koopzilla - GOJI Death Stare [V.1] Godzilla vs. Koopzilla - GOJI Roars [V.1] Godzilla Facepalm (emoticon) Chibi Godzilla is Angry Bowser (Koopzilla) [Mad Roar V.1] Orochi - Orochi vs Susanoo [V.1] Emoticon - First Godzilla 2014 Emoticon - Godzilla 2003 Emoticon - Godzilla 1999 Emoticon - Super Godzilla Emoticon - Godzilla 1955 Emoticon - Godzilla 1984 Emoticon - Godzilla 1968 Emoticon - Yuji Sakai's Godzilla Godzilla Emoticon - Godzilla 2001 Emoticon - Hanna-Barbera Godzilla Emoticon - Godzilla 1967 Emoticon - Godzilla 1991 Emoticon - Godzilla 1972 Emoticon - Burning Godzilla Emoticon - Godzilla 1994  Emoticon - Rejected Legendary Godzilla #1 Emoticon - Godzilla 1962 Emoticon - Godzilla 1974 
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OMG !!!!Shock Emote Shock Emote Shock Emote 
It's amazing !!!!!
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