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In Abrahamic religions, Gabriel (Hebrew: גַּבְרִיאֵל, Modern Gavriʼel Tiberian Gaḇrîʼēl; Latin: Gabrielus; Greek: Γαβριήλ, Gabriēl; Arabic: جبريل, Jibrīl or جبرائيل Jibrail; Aramaic: Gabri-el, "strong man of God") is an angel who serves as a messenger from God. He first appears in the Book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible. In some traditions he is regarded as one of the archangels, or as the angel of death. He is also known as Saint Gabriel to some Christian denominations.

Based on two passages in the Gospel of Luke, many Christians and Muslims believe Gabriel to have foretold the births of both John the Baptist and Jesus.

Islam further believes he was the medium through whom God revealed the Qur'an to Muhammad, and that he sent a message to most prophets, if not all, revealing their obligations. He is called the chief of the four favoured angels and the spirit of truth, and in some views is a personification of the Holy Spirit. Gabriel is also mentioned in Bahá'í Faith texts, specifically in Bahá'u'lláh's mystical work Seven Valleys.

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he will also blow the horn when the end of days begins
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That's Israfel's job
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He actually looks more Michael-ish here but I dig the design regardless.
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I wonder what your version of Sariel would look like.
....he also went insane when god chose man over angel,.sad but true,..
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Wrong angel, bruh. That's Heylel (Lucifer). Gabriel was one of the angelic leaders that laughed at Lucifer because he thought he was stupid for rebelling.
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You're confusing him with Lucifer. 
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do you know in which part of the bible it says that?,s not in the traditional bible,,s more of a biblical 'legend', the story of adam,s two wives,...
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"Adam's two wives?"

Oh, all the Lilith stuff?
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Saint Gabriel, The SPOILERS Angel?
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I`m impressed but does he really used a sword from the past. I mean I never recalled him fighting, or having a sword when he holds a staff through the ancient paintings but then again, this is your art and I should respect that. So sorry about that. Still it`s very good art. 
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His horn, is it there
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your work is perfect:)
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Let me marry your art plz...
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