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the most important woman on the nordic mithology, a equal of brighit. some kind of mother of nature and gods

a draw for myths & legends
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Elegant and powerfully s.e.x.y lady 
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if i knew this was hiding in the woood.s...... lets go camping!
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Also Freya.

Nicely done.
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Thor... Amo a tu madre!!!! The Monkey With the Nosebleed  ... No perate Odin no ... no Espera lo dije en broma 
Don't mess 
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Odin is one lucky mofo. Yep.
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this is really good! can you please check out my stuff>!?!?!
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The day of the week "Friday" was named after her.
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And Thor's mom, don't forget that.
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Frigg is the mother of the Aiser, the wife of Odin, and the only god (male or female) who is seen as his equal and the only one who can best him in cunning.
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It's actually spelled Frigg =) She is essentially the same woman as Freja, only that they are two aspects of the same person and represent different things. Frigg is for Wife, Marriage and Family while Freja is for Sexual pleasures, Love etc.
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If she is a mother of nature and gods, she is a bit like Gaea, greek goddess of earth and mother of many gods
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Arrrr, mon, if you sometimes have what people call 'time off', grab some Nordic mythology introduction book and I promise you'd feel sorry not to have done it before ;-)
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Beautiful ^^ and aye Freja is the queen of gods but also goddess over fertility, love, death and war ^^
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she is pretty hot .great job
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I'd love to see more paintings of the nordic mythology characters from you :love:
nightelf4e's avatar simply beautiful! :shamrock: :sun: :butterflytwo:
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love it, on so many levels
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