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Final Fantasy VII

Hi guys! I´m more part of "Tifa team" than "Aeris team" but there is so few images about her and Cloud that I give a try.  Funny, I´m a big fan of Final Fantasy VII since the release, but this is maybe the first time I did a fanart based on the game. Thats why I went with a look more vintage, close to the original game, I´m not a big fan of Advent Children/Crisis Core designs. Well, I hope you like it.

Thinking in have a Patreon, updating soon.
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cool que buen dibujo de final fantasy un gran trabajo me encanta te felicito mucho genzoman :D:)
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Yo soy fan de esta pareja, los amo >w<
What a wonderful work of art. I keep it in the see through slot in my phone-wallet. :-)
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Truly spectacular...
Their love was too beautiful for this sinful world. Well done.
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Beautiful, wonderful work. 
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I think this design you picked fits it amazing!  Awesome work! 
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fine and divine 
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This is so awesome! Great job! :)
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This is amazing . Can you give me advice for how you shade your characters, like look at how smooth  the shadows are in the creases of the clothing. How did you do that !? 
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There are those who think Aerith was Cloud's true love and with Aerith being a Cetra who can communicate with Cloud even after her death seems to prove that. Then there are those who think Cloud loved Aerith like a sister and has her as a spirit guide. Anyway you think about their relationship, it's a very nice pic.
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Great work! Good to see the old Cloud.
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Also not a Clerith fan, but it looks very well done. :)
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*tears up* its so sad
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I ship Zack and Aerith but this drawing is stunning :D
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So damn perfect... Love it!
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CloudxAerith 4 lyfe!! *ahem*

This pic is so pretty!!!!
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They both look so young in this portrait :0
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